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A group of children help take on a large military-like force in order to help take back their city.

Table of Contents

Day 0

  It was a cool Fall evening in Tokyo, Japan. A small boy and his friends were playing at a large  underground hi... Read Chapter

Day 1

  "I'm home!" Sai yelled as he entered his house. He dropped his bag by the door, removed his shoes and walked towards... Read Chapter

Day 2

It was the next morning as Sai and his friends were still sleeping. The morning was cold and the sky was covered by many dark clouds, rai... Read Chapter

Day 3

The morning seemed dark and gloomy and the rain was coming down hard and heavy. Sai and the others were running down the street... Read Chapter

Day 4

It was quiet back at the hideout. If silence could kill they would all be dead, nothing could be heard but the sound of the storm above t... Read Chapter

Recent Comments

Ghost Fox the Harbinger

This sounds like the beginning of a great adventure! I like the building suspense, and my only critiques are to show rather than tell when it comes to your descriptions in order to utilize the imagery of your scenes and really reflect the sensations, emotions and atmosphere. Fully envelop the reader in every aspect of the story, which like anime, pulls you into another world literally. This story is going to be really good---can't wait for the next piece! :D

Fri, August 12th, 2016 5:13pm

S. K. Inkslinger

Would definitely recommend reviewing and proofreading of the vocabularies and tense in the story. All in all, however, the first chapters really paved the route in a suspenseful mood, and I am eagerly anticipating for what will follow in the later parts of the story!

Sun, September 18th, 2016 6:29am

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