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It was quiet back at the hideout. If silence could kill they would all be dead, nothing could be heard but the sound of the storm above them. Everyone was waiting for someone to say something but it remained quiet and still. Takko was in a corner of the hideout laying down on the bed. He wasn't ready to believe that his mother was dead, what would he do now? Akane couldn't take it anymore, she wanted the silence broken, it was too much for her.

"Hey Takko.." She said, hoping he would respond. Takko rolled over to look at Akane. He didn't say a word, just gave her a long blank stare. It was almost as if he was looking through her instead of at her. She took that as he was listening so this was her chance to talk. "I made us all special communication watches so we can stay in touch with each other." Akane grabbed the box out of her bag and motioned for Takko to get up and get his. Takko's expression quickly changed. "Communication watches?" He sat up in the bed and gave her a puzzled look. Akane was ready to explain the whole gadget down to the instruction manual and how many pages it was, but before she could start Kenta cut in.

"Just play around with the features man, its a lot easier than Akane's long explanation." Kenta gave a smirk smile in his direction. Sai let out a burst of laughter and Takko almost instantly followed. Kenta had a habit of making people feel better without knowing it. It was a good quality to have as the hideout was suddenly filled with laughter and tears of happiness.

The laughter ended and the kids where back sitting in the quiet storm. "Man this storm is really crazy, it seems like it's getting worse." Akane said. "Yeah, it seems like we may have to stay here all day until it lets up," Sai said powering on the TV. He didn't mind staying there. They made that hideout together when they were younger. It was like a giant apartment. It was equipped with everything that they needed. They each had their own beds and mini bedstands, there were multiple TVs and computers, Small kitchen and bathroom. Not to mention the training area that they just added this year. Sai and the others were always thinking about expanded the hideout to make room for more of Akane's gadgets and more training spots. They also wanted to add a shooting range for Kenta. "I don't mind the storm, it's kind of fun."

Hours had past and the storm only seemed to have gotten worse. Sai looked at his watch to check the time, It was 2:45pm. He decided to text his brother to see if he had heard anything from his parents.

Sai: Anything from Mom and Dad?

Sato: Nothing.

Sai: Okay we're at the hideout, Lot's to tell you. Later though.

Sato: Okay.

He got off the bed and walked over to Akane who was still at the computer. She seemed to be staring at the screen as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Akane can you activate the Anti-Flood system?" Akane flipped a small switch under her desk without taking her eyes of the computer. "Hey Sai, look at this. It seems like a few other kids have reported their parents missing too." Sai looked at the computer screen in disbelief. She was scrolling through what looked like about 20 children who had missing parents. She quickly switched over to another page which showed a live video feed that had been going all day.

"..An attack on Japan has been put into action and there's nothing we can do about it! There is no hope for anyone. Who is this secret organization that has made their way into our backyard? Why us? Is it because of our resources? Did we do something to piss someone off? What will happen to the people of Japan, how to we survive? Should we fight back or give in and do what they say? Anyone who rebels gets killed and those who give in gets kidnapped. Where are the missing people of Japan? Bring our people back to us!! This has been Matao Usaki and i'll be back after a short break, thanks for watching.."

The video feed went black. Akane saved the page so they could watch and listen when he returns. "What the heck was that about? That guy's a nut job!" Kenta said getting up from his bed. "Who would listen to something like that, an attack on Japan? Insane. Hey Sai, let's get some training in!"

Hours had passed and Sai and Kenta were still going at it with their training. They were both dripping with sweat. Neither one had much energy left and were panting hard as if it were the last breath in their body. "One more time!" Sai yelled running towards Kenta with all his might. He took a giant leap into the air and raised his staff high above his head, he was readying his final blow. "Let's see if you can dodge this one Kenta!" Sai came down at Kenta in perfect unison with his staff. "AHHHHH!!!" Just when he thought he had Kenta beat down and tired, Kenta gave a smirk smile. Just as Sai was about to strike Kenta planted his feet firmly to the ground and jumped back. Sai had just missed him. Just as he hit the ground with his staff the whole hideout shook. Everyone turned in shock to look at them.

"Geez Sai! Were you trying to kill me or what? I almost didnt dodge that," Kenta said picking himself up off the floor. "You even caused the whole place to shake!" 

"That wasn't Sai that made the place shake Kenta," Akane said staring up at the ceiling. She got up from her computer with a worrisome look on her face. Takko got out of his chair looking around to make sure everything was in order still. "Earthquake maybe?" He said shrugging his shoulders. Just as he was about to sit down it happened again. Only this time it seemed to be louder than the last.

Sai grabbed his staff and his bag and headed for the exit. "Let's go guys, that's no earthquake. Something is going on outside."


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Ghost Fox the Harbinger

Wow Sai was trying to kill Kenta with that strike! Lol sparring scenes in stories are always interesting to me--real character definition points in fight/sparring scenes lol great chapter!

Tue, September 6th, 2016 12:57pm

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