Defending Jagger

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My brother is my life. I'll protect him to the death. That's why I'm in prison for 20 years. So he doesn't have to be.
His secret is safe with me. At least, that was the plan.
Until the sexy, Miss Meddling McAllister arrives and starts poking her nose around...
She's our newest creative writing teacher at Arizona State Prison. A tough world for anyone, let alone a hot, leggy female who is dressed to tease with looks to please.
At first glance, she appears prim and proper but I soon learn, that's not the case. Oh no. She's a firecracker. One who discovers things about me, she shouldn't. Everything I've fought to keep hidden is slowly unraveling around me and it's all because of her...the delectable little Rose petal, I can't stop thinking about.

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Submitted: August 06, 2016

“Raid!” A dense thud to the door of our cell notified us of the impending foray. Lunch had officially been over for a few minutes but... Read Chapter

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