the crazy vacation

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Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



On July 16, 2012 at 4:00 a.m. I awoke to head to the airport excited and hyper. I, my family, and my cousins were all going on a trip to Florida. We went for one week from there we went on a cruise for 4 days. While we were getting our things in the car to the airport I and my siblings were so excited because it was our first time going to Florida. We finally got in the car and started heading to the air port. 

We finally arrived to the airport and we went through the TSA checkpoint once we went through all of that we headed on the airplane and the plane took off. A 2 hour plane ride was really fun because I, my siblings, and cousins were so excited that we were going crazy and playing fun games while everyone else was sleeping. The 2 hours went by really fast and we were finally there. We headed off the plane and went to grab all of our luggages. We finally grabbed all of our things and went to pick up our car. Once we picked it up we headed to the house and picked our rooms and who had what we were so excited that we said every night we will switch beds. Right after we settled down in the house my we had a pool outside so we slipped our swimsuits and went and swam. That wasn’t the case right when my brother jumped in his eye got swollen and turned red and he couldn’t see anything, so my parents took him to the hospital. I and my sister stayed with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. 

There was a fence and one of its wires was out and you could barley see it my cousin waled right through it then my cousins eye ripped open so then my aunt and uncle took him to get stitches. while all that happened we were just sitting and waiting for my cousin and my brother. they finally arrived back and we continued on with our vacation. after all the craziness in one day it was late and we all wanted to go to sleep we all were laying down and we all heard my dad saying something about a bug we all got up and ran to see what was going on there was a cockroach crawling on his head all of us were screaming in was our worst nightmare. we were all scared to sleep then we got over it. We woke up and did all kinds of fun things we came back to the house really late and we were all really tired we walked in and there were cockroaches every where we were really scared and couldn't even walk in we killed most of them and went up stairs and slept most of us didn’t sleep because we were so scared. 

We packed and got all of our things and took some clothes and sent our luggages we were headed to Fountain Bleu hotel that was a part of the trip we were relieved we left that crazy insane house. once we got to the hotel with a couple of our things we had an amazing time no bugs, no one getting hurt. the 2 days were over and we were headed somewhere to get on the cruise. the weather was really bad but we got through it and made it. we arrived and headed on the cruise we got all our luggages and then we couldn't find my moms luggage it was filled with new things that she never wore and was saving to wear them on the cruise. we looked and looked we called the old house they said no but we knew that we kept it there because when my uncle was checking every room my sister said my dad already took the luggage from this room so he never checked it we knew it was up there and the guy who owned the house said it wasn't but then we found out he took all of those clothes and gave them to his girlfriend. my mom was crying she had no clothes and it was a mess my sister and i were crying for her because none of use enjoyed our trip. on top of all that they made an announcement saying we need to be careful because the weather is really bad and anything could happen. it was really scary the ship was shaking non stop.

We really didn't enjoy this trip and just wanted to go home the cruise was over and we finally left and headed to the air port to head home. We were scared incase if anything bad happened because everything was bad on this trip but we arrived home safely and were relieved. we arrived back and got our luggages to head home we headed home and all went to sleep in peace where there were no bugs and where they didn't announce that the weather is really bad on the cruise.

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