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Birthdays - a day to remember

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



Tell me that it's my birthday
A day to remember and celebrate
Candies, cake, my favourite sundae
A day to enjoy after a year's await

My birthday is coming!!!
Wuhu!! Yippee!! Yay!!
Send out the invites!
Call up my ________ friends.

My voice echoed through the hall
My griffonage across the borders
Cutting through all the corners
As I reached to make a call

Every year without fail
Ever since I turned three, I was
Left here alone to walk my own trail
Ever since then I was free

Or so they thought.

When I turned four I met a couple
They said to call them uncle and aunt
But all they did was turn me
into rags and shambles

When I turned five I went to school
They thought I was some rich ass motherfucker
Day in day out: Bullying, Assaults, Threats
Anything to drain off the thousands I had left

When I turned six useless and filthy
They all left me alone again
Defenceless and crippled in a kennel
The audacity they had to post it online and get some funds

When I turned seven I was labelled a freak
From popular rich kid I became unwanted
Despised, Condemned, Mocked by all
Well, nobody wants to play with a loser

This year I turn eight, a school dropout
Uncle and aunt were in jail
So here I am back in this empty hall
Back where it all started

And never again.

All I asked for was just this once
But all is done and gone to dust
For no one is left:
But this pool of blood.

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