True Reflection

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She stares into the mirror but is it her true reflection. A short story on a personal struggle with mental health.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



She stared into the mirror,

Those once bright green eyes with the light brown flicks,

The slender nose sprinkled with freckles like stars in the night sky,

I look the same she thought,

Gazing at the all too familiar figure looking back,

Who am I?

How have I lost who I am?

And what have I become?

If you walked past her in the street you wouldn’t have known. She’s just a girl, a girl who had a good job, worked hard and had a nice family. She had it all some people might say. What people didn’t know was that behind her mask of perfectly applied make up, sleek straight hair and delicately chosen outfits, she was broken.

Her life was perfect, for one brief moment, she was happy and had the world at her feet. Great prospects, good degree, new car and an idealistic view of the world. Until someone flicked a switch in her head. She began on a self-destructive rampage. Ruined her prospects, the perfect job  a wolf in sheep’s clothing, she hurt the people closest to her, she was different.

Her mind had been changed forever, she couldn’t see the positives in life. During the day she was a happy girl, a perfectly normal functioning citizen, but when she closed her door at night the mask was taken off.

Crying herself to sleep, unable to move, crushed by the weight of this ugly faceless monster. She knew she needed help to break free of this destructive circle, but she was stubborn. She felt her families concerns and knew what they said in hushed tones. She wanted the monsters gone, this awful demon she knew others fell victim to.

So again she looked in the mirror, stared hard into those green eyes now shiny with tears and said ‘I am coming for you, you will not win!’

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