I still remember

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Just about the school days with my best friend . I still ,can see, the window side of our classroom and 2 chairs near to it!!

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



" I still remember"

I still remember those indelible days of our friendship.Even though we were in the same class, she was a stranger to me. It all started with a physics record and a dairy milk silk.

On the very last day of our physics record submission, when everybody left our class, I found her struggling with her works and helped her.After the submission , she started telling" Nayana, without you I wouldn't be able to finish it, I liked you very much , I would definitely buy a dairy milk silk for you". Yes she bought one for me and gave me. In two curved roads, we looked back each other in the same blue shirts and skirts, we smiled and left .

Months passed away,just another academic year begun. It was an amazing coincidence that she was seated near to me. We started addressing ourselves and found many similarities in our perspectives and lives. We started enjoying our groovy talks about anything or everything.We even cracked up at our insulting jokes. We felt we were of the same wavelength. Well, that's what friends are meant to be right. But we weren't friends even at those days. We didn't have contacts.

Then how we made friends? Yes, I still remember that day. It was her birthday. On the very same day it was my another friend's birthday too. I had bought a card for my friend but I couldn't give . In the evening , when I came to know that my friend had already got many gifts and she didn't even get one, I thought I would give my card to her.I had put my card inside her maths notebook and asked for her number.When I reached home I texted her that I forgot to take a piece of paper from her maths notebook and asked her to check it. She checked it and found my card. She was very happy to see it that she called me back and talked to me for half n hour or more. That was how we made friends each other.

For the rest of the entire academic year she was sitting near to me. We had so many fun and fights. There was a bitter fight between us. She didn't talk to me for a week . Even I. Though it was hard, the end was beautiful. I sill remember the way she made our fight over. I knew I would never tell her a sorry. It was she who came after me every time we fought. During that chemistry period , we both were bored and I wished if she would have talked to me. Suddenly she did draw a smiley on my notebook which made me smile and I did the same.Those memories were the cutest of my entire school life.

No, we didn't say goodbye.She was there with me for one more year after our school days. Yes, we had much more fun and fights.

But then this happened, an year of silence had put our glorious days of friendship into a full stop.Did the uncertain wind change its direction or the time span was the trickster there?? I don't know, somehow we stopped talking like before. At times, I had waited for her call and I don't know if she had waited for mine. Were those formal smiles more annoying than our insulting jokes?? I wonder, we were even ready to conceal our good past and fake a smile.

But ,I realized that we could even beat our time span. Yes , I still remember, she made me smile again when I surprised her with this story on her last birthday !!! :') 


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