Spirit dancers

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The world of the fae

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016




Behind the bluebell wall where hidden

secrets dwell

There are stories we don’t tell.


A matter of simplicity or power,

 caught in dewdrops or perhaps

a shaft of light.

The point where we know is

somewhere in between

a moment in time

 where we can see that which is unseen


A frame of mind or truth?

Stand stock still and yet be blind.

Dancer in the moonlight

silver birch magic.

treasures Weaved in Canopies of Silver spells

catching crystal drops

of another world.


Carpets of bottle green welcome us to

Where life is tattooed into the earth unseen.

Where shadows hide.


So much to miss without imagination

In mind.

So watch if you will

  spirit dancers glide,

See them through Moonlight dreams

 and midnight feasts

breath down low earth music essence

Believe in illusion.




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