50 first dates that never happened

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i’m sure you’ve read the books where the girls end up with the right guy. there’s jace and clary from the mortal insrtuments, edward and bella in twilight, ethan and lena in beautiful creatures, the list goes on and on. i hate to break it to you, but this isn’t one of those stories. the main character(yours truly) can’t even manage to ask a guy out on a date so the odds of me getting a boyfriend by the end of the story are quite low. although i’ve failed miserably with guys on countless occasions, i’ve come to realize that what i’ve been through would make a pretty interesting story. and so lovely readers i give you this; i hope that this book gives you as much amusement as i feel when i think back to these crazy instances in my life. i also hpe this book shows you how not to get a boyfriend. enjoy!

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Seeing Double

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Better Than I know Myself

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