50 first dates that never happened

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Dance With Me

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



“Hey guys I’d like you to meet my friend Alex.”

“Hi Alex!” my friends and I answered from our spot in front of my locker. I turned around to finish getting books out of my locker and was surprised to find Alex standing next to me.


“hey. Who’s the guy in your locker?”

I looked at the picture Alex was referring to and smiled. “That’s Evan. He’s a one-legged tap dancer.”

“Really? I’ve always wanted to learn how to tap dance, but ballroom kind of takes over my life.”

“Wait a minute. You’re a ballroom dancer? I’ve always wanted to learn, especially because I’m a huge fan of Dancing With the Stars.”

“It’s a pretty good show. I don’t get to watch it a lot, but when I do Derek Hough never ceases to amaze me.”

“You know who Derek Hough is?”

“Not personally, but he is one of my favorite professionals. Truth be told, I strive to be as good of a dancer and choreographer as him in the future.”


I was awestruck. It was the end of my junior year and my dream guy had appeared out of nowhere. He was just my type with his dark hair and dark eyes and on top of that he was a dancer. He knew and slightly idolized my favorite celebrity and he wanted to learn how to tap dance. I didn’t think life could get any better than that moment.

We started hanging out which wasn’t very hard since he lived down the street from me. I would show him how to tap dance and he brought me into his hidden world of lighting and sound. When we weren’t joking around about our tastes in music we had some serious discussions about what we wanted to do in the future. I knew that I wanted to go to school for science, but Alex wasn’t so sure. He loved the idea of set design whether it was for a movie or a Broadway show, but he didn’t think his parents would approve. To make them happy he thought becoming a ballroom instructor or physical therapist, a career that could support a family and in a sense pay back everything his parents had done for him.

That summer between junior and senior year we had a lot of conversations like this and the more we talked, the closer we became. We might have even been a couple by the time school started if he hadn’t gone on a family trip to the Philippines and just as he got back I went to a summer program at Stevens for science and engineering. After that I still liked him and we were still friends, but I didn’t know if anything would come of it. At least I didn’t until I was transferred into his economics class. We talked more and left class together, making me think I actually had a chance. Although he wasn’t ready for a girlfriend at the beginning of the year, I was hoping he would be ready by prom. Of course, my hope was quickly crushed during winter break when this happened.

Alex: Sam I don't know if I'll be able to go to prom with you.

Sam: What? We've been talking about doing about doing some crazy dance in front of everyone for months.

Alex: I know, but prom is on a Friday.

Sam: Okay and?

Alex: I have dance on Fridays and you know how strict my instructors are.

Sam: So you wouldn't give up one night of dance to be there for one of the most important nights of my life?

Alex; I don't know Sam I'd have to see...

Sam: Forget it. I'll find another prom date s you don't have to miss dance.

After that conversation the spell was broken. My dream guy left me without a date and although I was a little upset, I was more angry than anything. I didn't want to talk to him, especially in Economics where he begged and pleaded to take me to prom because didn't know if I could trust my best friend to do so. i of course got over it, mostly because of the fact that this was months before I even had to start worrying about prom.

We're still friends now and I'm certainly glad it stayed that way. Although I love that he finally decided to embrace his sexuality, I think he has a long way to go. For instance, we wrote a story together(more like I wrote the story) where he's the main character and he ends up with an amazing guy created by me. When I finally finished and handed him a copy I thought Alex would be super excited, but he wasn't. It was like he had to separate  his past and present selves to understand why he would want a boyfriend in the story and have a girlfriend in real life. I had worked so hard on this story to give him exactly what he wanted just for him to change his mind. Since the girlfriend I am also the infamous 'friend' that he's hanging out with when she calls. i don't even get a name since it appears that hanging out with a girl might be frowned upon. Whatever the case, i still try to be here for him if he needs me and I know in time Alex will realize he can have friends and a girlfriend. Or he'll want to learn something tap related and I never miss an opportunity to dance.

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