To My Butterfly

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This is a song I wrote last year for my best friend! I just posted a video of me performing it on youtube ( ); it's shitty but I really wanted it to be online before next week so... I think I'll upload a better version once I get better and maybe I'll even have an actual camera to record myself with!

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



It took me an hour, now it's on fire!

Something went wrong with the song...

I wanted you to see what I get to see

When you're here with me,

But my pen stood up against me,

It knows how to torture me.


It took me an hour, now I'm on fire,

Throwing everything away,

Breaking every line I say.

All I wanted to say was that

You've got to stray miles away from your head

So you don't end up like me

With worms crawling behind my eyes,

Inside my mind,

From a bird that I've birthed.

Because you deserve much more

Than a street full of broken doors.


It took me an hour, everything's on fire.

But at least it's been spoken now.

At least it's been spoken now...


I don't want your hands to fade

Like the friends inside my head....

Oh, why?!


I hope, friend,

Your hands won't fade;

Don't let me fade.

I hope, friend,

Your wings won't fade;

Don't ever fade.


I hope you smile.

Breathe the light in,

Spit a lightning.

I hope you fly.

Don't touch the sky,

Don't be their lie.


Don't die my butterfly!

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