Miles From Home

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Very short story about a lost ship in space.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



Space is dark, and lonely, without volume or anything but the voice in your head. If something goes wrong no one can save you, no one can come get you. There will be no rescue team, there will be no salvation, no drinks at the bar afterward, no coming home tired. Just the black and the void.

“This is ground control to Captian Miles… Ground control to Captain Miles, radio check…”


Fear is a chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fastness of breath and energized muscles, also known as the fight-or-flight response it adds adrenaline into the system.

“Captian Miles, radio check.”


Upon adrenaline’s release into the body, it binds to a variety of adrenergic receptors and causes several metabolic changes, like inhibition of insulin secretion and promotion of glucagon secretion by the pancreas, stimulation of glycogenolysis in the liver and muscles and stimulation of glycolysis in muscles. These changes lead to increased energy production within the body's cells. The release of adrenaline further results in increased heart rate, contracted blood vessels and dilated air passages.

“Captain Miles, radio check. We need information on the Douglas’ location.”


This increased heart rate and energy can cause some individuals to enter a state of panic while others enter a heightened sense of awareness and physical endurance. This will normally effect the body immediately upon the traumatic or stressful situation.

“This is ground control to the Douglas. What is your status?”


An event horizon is a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. The center of a black hole is known as a singularity. It is so dense that any matter that enters will be torn apart and reassembled into its core, regardless of material it consists of.

“Miles, please… Please confirm.”


Using a particle accelerator can create small points of gravity so dense it opens a black hole that will suck in a small amount of matter and close. Theoretically, if you could harvest enough power you could open a black hole long enough to suck in enough mass to move it to another destination. This is called the wormhole theory, and has yet to be proven.

“Flight team, lock the doors…”


Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum longer than infrared light. They travel at the speed of normal light, this can cause problems when talking about radio travel through long distances in space.

“This is Captain Miles of the FSS-Douglas, is anyone out there?”



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