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Christian,Muslim Atheist and Confused man trapped in one room and neither of them knows how or why they got there.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016




a dark skinned man with long beard wakes up and finds himself trapped in dark room which looks like a cell...

he also found three man sleeping in room with him,each by corner and wokethem up to ask them what happened.

first men he woke up was white skinned and black haired. he opened eyes and said: "oh damn terrorist,where i am? who the hell are you?" he stand up and continues "who are those people?"

"i have same question,have no idea where we are and who you are" replied dark skinned man.

"whats your name?" asked white man

"Sahid! whats yours?" answered dark skinned man

"Im Jonathan and its not that nice to meet you" replied white skinned man

"i can say the same,shall we wake them up?" 

 Sahid and Jonathan woke the rest "roommates", after waking up they had same reaction and neither of them knew what happened before... Jonathan asked them names....

Bald one:Matthew

after a some time Sahid Started praying so did Jonathan...
"George Stands up and start searching beds to find some clue"
Matthew took a ciggarette from pocket and said: "oh what kind of people you are,keep on praying people, the God will save us!" ironically smiled. and you man! what the hell are you searching for?!

"let them pray bald guy! and leave me alone!" George raised his voice and continued searching!

Matthew shakes his head from right to left two times....

"Can you do it quietly for god sake!"  Jonathan aggressive said to Sahid

"Leave him alone,he wont respond until his done!" replied George and continued searching....

Goddamn said Jonathan and sat on the bed.what youre searching for? 

George took big Bottle full of water from under the bed and replied: 
This! sat down opened bottle and start drinking.

give me some, said Matthew" took a bottle and stare at Sahid  "oh damn fanatics"

not all muslims are fanatics!" said Jonathan

to me all man who believes in God is a fanatic!"

"o Yea? so you dont believe in God? so what you think? we made by explosion? a Science?"

"Exactly! dont you read the books? i dont get how educated man, can believe in God,Miracles and stories without any fact and evidence!"

Jonathan get upset and replied:
Dont even start Bald man!  and i dont believe how minded man can believe,that everything made by itself orderly like DNA,Multiplication and whole stuff!"

"Did you study history of world?" ironically replied Matthew

"Will you shut up for a second?!" George stopped them with angry voice
"i cant believe! we are trapped in dark room,dont know how and why,got only few litre of water and you guys arguing on a topic that can never be solved! went to front of the door and start Screaming:Hey! somebody come here! you damn people! open this damned Door! after 5 mins of yelling no one answered.he slipped down and sat front of the door!

"And what you believe George? what is your religion?" asked Jonathan

tired and sad George answered:

"i have no religion,but i think i believe in god somehow,i believe that someone or something is the creator of all this,but if soul doesnt exists and there is no god above,Truth will be Truth,black will stay black and white will be white anyways"


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