The Goliath Chronicles Season 2: GIEST

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This story takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story. One of the many organizations formed to combat the tyranny of Manchester Global, Giest seeks to expose a new conspiracy. Although their intentions are pure, outside parties have other plans for their talents.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Goliath Chronicles SEASON 2:




A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 





Los Angeles, California


26 Years After the Merovingian Address 




The underground members of the cyber terrorist group Giest, Cooper Labloom, Zachary Valentine, Hamish Silver, Lin Hope, and  Antoni Banderas, meet up at a internet café called Scorne. The café is packed with a variety of users from high school students downloading illegal torrents to ex-cons researching confidential information. The group finds a spot in a corner of the room where they can view all three exits of the area simultaneously. After catching themselves up on the personal events of each others life’s, the leader of the Group, Zachary Valentine, begins to explain the purpose of the meeting.


“Ok guys as much as I love seeing you, its best that we get down to business. I know these get togethers are extremely risky for people like us, but what were going to talk about today can’t be said over the phone or online. Lin has already filled me in on the situation so I’m going to let him catch you guys up too.”


The group looks toward Lin and he clears his throat before responding.


“I’m sure everyone here remembers our mutual acquaintance Sky-Shark, he was apart of a “organization’ like ours in the U.K. Well……… about four nights ago…….he vanished.”


Lin takes a moment to look at the terrified faces of his peers before continuing.


“This news may not be too surprising since a lot of people like us, involved in this unique career choice, have started to go missing recently. But unlike those cases Sky-Shark managed to get in contact with me rite before he disappeared. The message was brief but I think it’s enough for us to draw our on conclusions about the situation. He said “THE JACKALS FOUND ME”.”


Silence gripped the group, and suddenly it was like everyone else in the café ceased to exist. All they could do was focus on each other. Lin takes a large gulp of his beer before continuing.


“The weeks leading up to his disappearance, me and Sky-Shark were talking about the interview Julia Sampson had with Field Marshall Dante Silvano. The video was famous for revealing Conduits and their supernatural abilities to the world, which should be common knowledge by now. But after studying the video over and over again me and Sky-Shark noticed that the most important part of the interview was covered up. Or should I say Field Marshall Silvano wouldn’t let Julia investigate it further, by refusing to answer her questions and pointing a gun in her face. We believed what Julia was trying to expose was the Jackal Program. Of Course even prior to this interview people were talking about the Jackal Program, but it was mostly considered to be a creepypasta like Smile.Dog or Jeff The Killer. However when serious conspiracy theorists saw the reaction Silvano had Julia just attempted to ask him about it, a frenzy ensued to find more concrete information. So friends of ours, like Sky-Shark, got eerily close to achieving that objective.”


Lin takes another drink from his beer before continuing.


“Sadly this was also around the time friends of ours, or people trying to further our cause, started disappearing……..”


Lin steady’s his hands before continuing.


“The day he disappeared Sky-Shark told me he found one of the former scientists connected to the Jackal Program and someone found a way to blackmail him into telling him everything. They said they were going convene at a safe location in a few hours. It was the night of that same day that I got his message about being, “Found”.”


Feeling a bit confused, Toni responds.


“I’m sorry, this mite be a stupid question, but what’s the Jackal Program? Cause the way you guys are acting is really starting to scare me.”


Lin responds.


“My bad, I keep forgetting everyone at this table isn’t a complete nerd. The Jackal Program was an initiative created and managed by the governments of every country to control the Conduit population. Fighting fire with fire so to speak. Any Conduits born with a natural ability to reach SS rank status with little effort were captured and forced into this program. By inflicting ungodly amounts of physical and psychological distress on to these children, they slowly turned into bloodthirsty warriors. With no compassion for others or themselves. In theory this was suppose to trigger some kind of evolution in the selected Conduits to make them surpass SS rank ,and it worked. The Conduits involved in this program not only attained a level of power beyond SS, but also biologically developed some type of internal Alpha nullifier, that cancels out the abilities of Conduits who are weaker then they are. This evolution also caused a mutation in their appearance as well. That said, in spite of the experiments success, there were just as many irregularities they didn’t plan for. Most notable of which were these newly developed Conduits random fits of rage and craving for the flesh of other Conduits.”


Toni covers her mouth in disgust before responding.


“UGH!! THAT’S SO FUCKING….. UGH!!!! Why would they eat their own KIND !!!!!?”


Lin responds.


“No one knows for sure but, according to the story, the scientists believed it had something to do with the altered biological make up of their choice of prey. Like there was some kind of nutritional value in eating the flesh, bones, and/ or drinking the blood of Conduits in particular.  Other theorist believe they have to eat Conduits in order to sustain their powers, but no one knows for sure. ‘’


Lin leans back in his seat before continuing.


“As vile as it sounds the government was ok with this cannibalistic trait in their creations. Some facilities started training their subjects to hunt like a pack of wolfs. But these scientists and government officials ended up being the engineers of their own doom, when these subjects developed a craving for human flesh as well. Ounce people started dying, the worlds governments deemed the program a failure and they ordered the termination of all subjects. The facilities were successful in eliminating about 2/3’s of their subjects but the remaining population coordinated a unified rebellion and escaped into the outside world. Now officially called Jackals, they’re hiding in ghost towns and rural areas away from the public eye. Usually underground. They only emerge from their nests to carry out contracts, as the only way to support their kind is via mercenary work.  There are even rumors that some of the Jackals have gained prominent positions in modern society and are waiting for an opportunity to take over.” 


Toni responds.


“So where do you think—WHAT THE FUCK!???”


Toni directs everyone’s attention towards a man wearing aviator glasses, staring at them from the opposite end of the table. The group shifts their body away from the man in shock. After realizing his presence has become known, the man adjusts his pink tie and addresses the group.


“OH? Did I startle you? Forgive my rudeness but, like my eyes, my ears aren’t what they use to be and what you guys were talking about sounded so fascinating. I just couldn’t resist. Please carry on like I’m not even here.”


Cooper responds.


“Who the fuck are you?”


The man responds.


“My name is Inkrease Sadler, I’ve been instructed by a consortium of secret societies, calling themselves EVERYONE, to kill you.”


The members of Giest look at each other not knowing what to say or to scared to say anything. Sensing their hesitation Inkrease continues.


“More specifically all of you. But that was until I heard the depth of your research. I always wanted to know what that thing was, that they always send me on missions with.”  


Using his thumb, Inkrease leads the group’s focus to the shady looking man staring at them like food from the other side of the café. When they’re all looking at him he continues.


“You see that creepy guy over there, he’s a JACKAL.”


Inkrease uses the same hand he pointed his thumb with to give the man on the other side of the room a signal. On que the man causes two rows of teeth, one from the bottom and the other from the top, to emerge from the skin of his cheeks. Seeing this Toni attempts to scream and, with the reflexes of a cat, Inkrease grabs her wrist and covers her mouth with his free hand. Inkrease continues talking ounce he stabilized his grip.


“Now, now I don’t think you want to scream like that. You’d cause a scene and then I’d have to get my buddy over there to devour all the civilians in here. So when I release you from my grasp your going keep quiet and hear what I have to say. OK?”


Toni takes a moment to look at the other members of her group and automatically knows she has no choice. She slowly nods her head and Inkrease releases her. He continues soon there after.


“Outstanding, I’m glad you didn’t force me to end this relationship so early. I feel we can be of great help to one another. You guys are probably the finest hackers I’ve had the pleasure of hunting down. Which is weird because you’re also the easiest find, your skills at maintaining your anonymity are awful. It’s actually quite disgraceful when you think about it. It literally took me just two days to find you and then I just waited for you all to meet up. On the other hand, I still believe your promise as the worlds greatest hackers is worth the jeopardy. I can teach how to hide your identities better in the future. Lets just concentrate on the reason I’m not going to put you in a box for the time being.”


Inkrease looks over at people in the Internet café before continuing.


“Look at them,…….. their like zombies. Their only ambition is leaving a mean comment, marketing products that they would never buy themselves, posting thirst traps, jerking off to said thirst traps, shopping for things they don’t need, making stupid video’s on instagram, or becoming a YouTube star. Its entirely understandable how my employers can control people like this so proficiently. This is why Geist will be my ultimate weapon. You lot work for me effective immediately and your jobs will be helping me locate so-called “Truthers”.




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