The Goliath Chronicles Season 2: KHEFKA WALKER

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This entry takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story. Disgraced and betrayed, Khefka Walker is released from the chains of the state. His calm demeanor hides the diabolical plans he has in mind for his enemies.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Goliath Chronicles SEASON 2:




A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 





Newark, New Jersey


35 Years After the Merovingian Address 



With the consistent and extraordinary detective skills of his brother, Khefka Walker is finally going to be released from Northern State Prison. It required decades of hard work, but Islam was abled to prove the evidence against his brother was planted by an outside party. More importantly, that the specific person who planted the evidence was actually the same man found dead in Khefka’s condo. While the guards of the prison prep Khefka to be released, the warden, Schmuel Pensak, congregates with the mayor, Yajani Tunnell, to discuss future endeavors in his private quarters.


“I cant believe he’s getting out…….. I’ll admit I always sorta knew he was innocent, but I never thought other people could be convinced. Just look at him…… he looks like Ayman al-Zawahiri’s kid. Just with bigger muscles since he’s been locked up for so long.”


Yajani responds.


“What was he convicted of?”


Schmuel responds.


“1st degree murder and the possession of child pornography. The murder victim was cooked alive by a steady current of electricity. The prosecutors claimed Khefka was able to do this by using a newly developed weapon by Manchester Global called The 772 High Voltage Electric Current Rifle. It also didn’t help that he did some crackpot presentation on the weapon the same day as the murder. The jury was lead to consider that Khefka went crazy after he was laugh out of the room by his bogus presentation and killed some random person to justify his claims. It only took them four days to make their decision.”


Yajani responds.


“……….That’s awful…… “


Schmuel responds.


“Yea and to make things worse everyone also thought he was fucking little kids and pedo’s get it the worst in this prison. He was raped everyday and he practically lived in the infirmary for the first few years. But hey, what are you gonna do? Such is the life of a prisoner. Hopefully he can get his life back together now that he’s officially a freeman. Anyhow I know you didn’t come here to talk about one of my former inmates. So how can I help you?”


Yajani responds.


“Crime rates are soaring and the committees are getting on my back about it. Ever since Nightmare was killed, there’s been constant fighting between hundreds of rival factions to determine who rules the city. Civilian deaths are at a all time high and people are doing what ever they can to leave the city, which is hurting our economy. The government won’t bail us out anymore. I don’t know what else to do……”


Schmuel responds.


“I see.”


Yajani responds.


“I know your cousin is a high ranking member of The Python Security Force….”


Schmuel laughs before responding.


“ Hes my cousin of course, but I told you we don’t ---“


Schmuel walks over to Yajani and looks him in the eye before continuing.


“You want to put Newark, New Jersey under Martial Law don’t you?:”


Yajani responds.


“It’s the only way, I don’t see another option.”


There’s a slight pause before Schmuel responds.


“… I’ll get in contact with him as soon as I can.”


Yajani responds.


“I sincerely appreciate it Schmuel.”


Yajani rubs his neck before continuing.


“Did you remember that other thing I asked you about?”


Schmuel walks back over to his desk and retrieves an envelope from his desk before responding.


“How could I forget.”


Yajani takes the envelope and examines its contents before responding.


“This batch is the real deal, its almost entirely crimson. I’ll make payment discreetly through the usual channels as I did previously.”


Schmuel responds.


“What did you expect me to give you, the mayor, cut up product? You should know better, my contact is a “Number Two” in the Yakuza. You’ll always get premium Hyper from me.”


1 hour later


Khefka is given back the belongings that were confiscated from him, after he finishes his exit interview. He leaves the prison by walking thru a series of security doors and cage gates. Ounce he’s outside, he see’s his brother waiting for him up the street. Islam waves to him while leaning on his brand new Mercedez-Benz E-Class. When Khefka is close enough Islam reaches out his arm for a handshake. Khefka ignores the gesture and gets in the car. The brothers begin driving towards the city and Islam immediately tells Khefks all that’s come to pass since his incarceration.


“Dads funeral was good and he told every one you were innocent til the very end. Which was surprising cause I always thought he hated us. Mom wanted to be there when you go out too, but she’s getting sicker and the doctors voted against it. Plus peep the whip doe, remember when we were kids and the neighborhood flourman was in one of these. Even back then I was like “Imma get one of those one day”.”


Islam releases one hand from the steering wheel to show off his wedding ring.


“Been married eight years, and I have five kids now. They really want to meet their uncle so maybe later you can---“


Khefka cuts off his brother.


“Enough Islam, I know everything already. That dad’s dead, that mom is soon to follow. That you married that thot I used to fuck from Foot Locker…………. I know what happened to my daughters……………………… I even know you got me outta prison. But I guess that figures because your also one of the reasons I stayed there.”


Islam slowly pulls over and stops the car. After holding it in as long as he can tears start streaming down his face and he cry’s like a 12 year old girl. While covering his face he makes a full confession to his brother.


“ IM SO FUCKIN SORRY KHEFKA! They got to me early……. I was just a rookie back then. When you got arrested they told me to stay out of it or they’d force me to resign or worse. They said I’d be livin on the streets like an animal. I WAS SCARED! I WANTED TO HELP YOU BUT I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED!!!!! They were there in court when I had to testify on your behave……. So I had to……… If didn’t do as they said……….. Then Sophine she………. And Excella…………………….. OH GOD KHEFKA PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Khefka looks away from his brother and out the window before responding.


“Forget it, its done. You did what you did and there’s no going back now. If you wanna make it up to me, get me a clean gun, drive me where I have to go, and don’t ask where that is exactly. I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again, but if I do contact you its because I’m in a dire situation and I need a favor. A favor that you cannot deny. That is all.” 

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