The Goliath Chronicles Season 2: A.W.O.L

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This entry takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story. Vlad Kennedy is one top of the world, he feels untouchable and this delusion is shown through his actions. But everything comes to an end, and Vlad never sees it coming.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Goliath Chronicles SEASON 2:




A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 





Miami, Florida


30 Years After the Merovingian Address 




Youtube phenomenon’s Vlad Kennedy and Oyim Cutler are scheduled to have a public exchange about the constant feuds between them. Both YouTuber’s have a worldwide fan base, with over 80 million subscribers respectively. Their channels, 1985 and HelloMelloHello, post daily and usually consist of Commentary, LetsPlays and ,ironically, YouTube Drama. Due to their huge fan base their arguments over social media, including on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat have gained global news attention. Allegedly the conflict started when Oyim cheated on his girlfriend, Hankketta Jolle, and told Vlad about it in a fit of guilt. Unknown to Oyim, Vlad recorded the conversation for professional reasons but had no plans to release the recording, and instead stored it for future reference. Everything came to a head when Hankketta came over to Vlad’s penthouse suite to make a collaborative video, since she also has a YouTube channel called PinkDestiny. Vlad believes that it was at sometime that night that she found the recording, and probably listened to it multiple times. A drastic change in her mood happen around this time and she left before finishing the collaborative project. The next morning Hankketta uploaded a video to her channel called “I’m Done”, saying she just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her and this wasn’t the first time.  Hankketta told her fans that she has had to deal with the heart break of her boyfriends actions for many years and stayed with him only because she truly loved him. His most recent infidelity, with her sister Diofei Jolle no less, was something she couldn’t forgive though. About half way through the video she starts crying and anyone watching the video could tell these were genuine emotions. After the video her fans snapped and started trolling Oyims channel like an angry mob. Oyim was asleep at the time and didn’t realize what had happened until later that afternoon. He lost about 3 million subscribers and received tons of hate mail, death threats, and negative comments on all of his online posts. It took only a brief period before Oyim uploaded his own video called “Beware The Jabberwocky” in which he tells his side of the story. He blatantly accuses Vlad of being a backstabber and using his confession, and their friendship, to get with Hankketta. According to Oyim, Vlad was obsessively infatuated with Hankketta but, in Oyim’s words, didn’t have the balls to make a move. Vlad did in fact meet Hankketta first, but it was clear she only saw him as a friend. Oyim continued to shame Vlad by saying he actually caught him masturbating to some of Hankketta’s pictures on instagram when they got drunk one night. Vlad himself wasn’t too happy to see either Hankketta’s or Oyim’s video’s because he felt his trust in them was violated. However he was especially offended by Oyim’s video and respond with his own called “No Good Deed”, explaining how he was personally responsible for Oyim’s success in the first place. Thus the feud began and has continued for months. An even bigger YouTuber named Ji-Hun Seol, with over 100 million subscribers on his channel Berserker, see’s a chance to use this turmoil to his benefit.  He invites Vlad and Oyim to say how they really feel about each other face to face on his live stream. Both party’s agree and the event is moments away from beginning. Vlad arrives outside of Ji-Huns studio in his private limo with his agent Acere Remonti. While crushing some Vicodin tablets, laced with Hyper, and mixing the powder with his Scotch, Acere tells Vlad how the event is scheduled and what to expect.


“This is it, your one debate away from showing everyone what an manipulative maniac Oyim is. You’re much smarter then he is, that meathead hardly knows how to read, the only edge he has is his supernatural charisma and good looks. Ji-Hun separated the stream into three sections which are a personal re-telling of the proceedings by both sides, the presentation of evidence to support your claims, and lastly the live viewer questionnaire. It’s a sure win for us boss.”


Vlad responds.


“Your reassurances aren’t necessary Remonti, I’m the guy who put the Wrighteous Family in their place. I think I can handle some Dwayne Johnson wanna-be. What I need you to do, is remind those brainless assistants working for Ji-Hun that I want my pre-stream dinner to be prepared when I walk-in.”


Acere responds.


“You got it chef, I’ll head in now.”


Acere exits the limo and enters the studio. With some time to himself, Vlad begins to daydream about his victory speech, after the viewers of the stream spam the newsfeed with support for him. He even envisions Hankketta hugging him, and asking to return with him back to his hotel room. The thought causes Vlad to get a boner and then pre-cum in his trousers. Vlad smacks his head in stupidity for ruining his brand new suit and starts anxiously rubbing the stain with ice water from the champagne bucket. As he’s doing this he hears some re-enter the limo and he assumes its Acrere. Still rubbng the stain, Vlad responds.


“So how’d it go? Did they make sure the food was prepare using utensils that haven’t come into contact with seafood or diary products?”


The person who entered the limo responds.


“No, but I made sure no one saw me come in here.”


Vlad responds after rubbing the stain a few more times.


“Da fuck are y---“


Vlad looks up to see Ji-Hun sitting in front of him. He covers the wet spot in his trousers before continuing.


“DAMN JI-HUN!!!? I thought you were waiting for us inside. Why did you come in the limo, are canceling the stream or something!? Cause we signed a contract already!”


Vlad notices the phone Ji-Hun is aiming at him and points towards it before continuing.


“Wait a second are you recording this? You didn’t say anything about streaming from outside the studio!!!! Put the phone away now or you’ll here from my lawyers!!!!!”


Ji-Hun laughs before responding.


“You made another cum stain in your pants again. You always were easily agitated weren’t you Vlad. Ever since high school, all it took was a girl touching your shoulder for you to run to the bathroom and clean your jeans.”


Vlad leans forward in his seat before continuing.


“High school? We didn’t go to high school together. We haven’t even met in person until today. Are you good bro, did my agent share some of his tablets with you in there?”


Ji-Hun responds after placing his phone in an up right position next to him, so it can film the situation without him holding it.


“Sorry about that I get so invested in these disguises that sometimes I forget the people looking at me aren’t seeing who I really am. Allow me to remove that issue.”


Ji-Hun lowers his head and remains in that position for a few seconds. Then Vlad watches as his body starts to twitch and crack like a jigsaw puzzle. The sounds Ji-Hun made gave Vlad the creeps. When the cracking stop Ji-Hun rolled his shoulders forward a few times before revealing a new face to Vlad. Gripping his knees in shock, Vlads eyes open wide before he responds.


“Reggie!?................ WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? How did you…………..?”


Reggie responds.


“Well while you were becoming one of the biggest interviewers and journalists in the country, I was living like a peasant. After the Blood Sport tragedy, things just didn’t go my way. No one would hire me, I was blacklisted in the world of news and gaming. My fiancé left me, I got evicted from my condo and I had to live in my brothers basement. All this happened because I tried to get justice for the death of Sophine Walker and argued that people hosting the Blood Sport event had something to do with her death. But because she was Muslim and had ties to I.S.I.S in her youth, I was called an advocate of terrorism. Eventually the heat got so bad that even my brother had to shun me. I moved into a halfway house and I got a job working the vampire shift at a warehouse.”


Reggie cracks his hands before continuing.


“You’d think my torment would end there and so did I, but it didn’t. People from work started recognizing me and called me a terrorist too. One day they cornered me before I clocked in for my shift and beat me with lead pipes. They broke two of my bones and crippled me for weeks. I lost my job and got kicked out of the halfway house for “instigating the other residents”.  I had to steal someone’s car and live in it just to get by. But I dealt with all of this because I knew that my friend Vlad had my back and he’d find a way to use his rising success to help out his oldest friend. Our daily phone calls were the last glimmers of light in the black void that was my new life. That is until one day you stopped calling and stopped taking my calls to. Then you changed your number and blocked me on social media. I couldn’t accept it, my one and only ally and sympathizer had left me bleeding on the floor. You didn’t so much as look back did you? Huh? You fuckin ingrate.”


The screen of Reggie’s phone is pointed towards them, which means he must be using the front camera to record. To Vlad’s knowledge the only time people do this is when they’re on Facetime. The spectator of their conversation is literally one glimpse away from being identified, but Vlad can’t see who it is because of the glare. Vlad swallows a large glob of spit before responding.


“This is how the business works Reggie, you knew this. If you break the unwritten rules you’re thrown from grace never to return. I helped you as long as I could, but having a contact with you was putting my future in peril. I had to do it. I’m sorry all this happened to you but I was your decision, you brought it on yourself. The elites will never let you return either. So what ever you thinking about doing, give it up.”


Both Vlad and Reggie lock in a stare before Reggie starts laughing again. Reggie responds after beating his chest.


“You really do know what this is.”


Vlad responds.


“What what is?”


Reggie responds.


“You crossed the wrong person Vlad, and she has promised me a great deal to indulge in a fantasy I’ve had since nearly freezing to death in that Prius.”


Vlad responds.


“Stop this Reggie,  you can still walk away. I’ll make sure no one knows you were here and I won’t call the cops.”


Reggie responds.


“The person you’re referring to was crucified by this society a long time ago, I AM A.W.O.L.”


Reggies body starts cracking and shifting in a abnormal way again. The hues of his skin slowly start to change and he adjusts his posture before continuing.


“In the twilight of my suffering I met someone who made me aware a hidden gift I had this entire time. With some courage and a lot of training  I gained control of this gift and I’ve used it to……. change my circumstances. This is the same gift I’m going to use to make things right between me a you. “


Vlad begins to get an uncomfortable feeling, which starts in the pit of his stomach and travels throughout his entire body. His nerves are screaming at him to run but he’s too scared to make his body do anything. Reggie continues after stretching his arm out as if to give Vlad a hug.


“Vlad Kennedy…….. dearest of all my friends……………… WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!”


As soon as Reggie finishes his sentence, his flesh burst in to the air and resembles the consistency of an amoeba-like sludge. Before Vlad can scream this sludge fills his mouth and then every other hole on his body. Now on the floor the last thing Vlad sees, as the heavy substance consumes him, is the pleased face of Juliana Wrighteous on the phones screen.








© Copyright 2019 Pridjean . All rights reserved.

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