The Goliath Chronicles Season 2: MARVELOUS

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This story takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story. Believing himself to be humanity's only hope, Marvelous uses his super-human abilities to fight lawbreakers and save lives. Sadly his campaign has caught the attention of group with the means to force his early retirement.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Goliath Chronicles SEASON 2:




A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 





Somewhere on Earth


39 Years After the Merovingian Address 




Bringing the winds of the sky down with him, the peoples champion Marvelous lands on the balcony of his home. His cape drapes over his fine tone and well fit body. Walking gracefully as to not wake up his wife and children, Marvelous enters the doors on the balcony and see’s a man waiting for him in the darkness.  Marvelous turns on the lights of the room, revealing someone he’d hope he’d never have to talk to again. After taking off his gloves and stretching his back Marvelous calls out to the intruder.


“What do you want Ezra?”


Ezra responds.


“Why’d you turn on the lights instead of using a concentration of Alpha to illuminate the room?”


Marvelous responds.


“Because my wife can sense manifestations like that and I don’t want to alarm her.”


Ezra responds.


“I know I say this a lot but I’d appreciate it if you’d call me Dad.”


Marvelous responds with a little more base in his voice this time.




Ezra responds.


“I know what you did. It was a mistake but you knew that already right?”


Marvelous responds.


“Yes I did.”


Ezra responds.


“Well then you also know what’s about to happen. My associates have probably made the arrangements by now. So might as well forget about seeing your kids go to high school. I’ve told you story’s about them in the past, one day your going to find yourself in a unwinnable situation and you’ll be in that situation because of them. It might not be tomorrow or this week but it’s going to take place. ”


Marvelous responds.


“I’m a super hero Erza, whats the point of having all these powers if I don’t use them to help people?”


Ezra responds.


“I should have never let you read all those comics when you were growing up. The arrangement my empoyers made with you allowed you to do that while still avoiding putting yourself in real danger. But  the group you stopped tonight had friends in high places and their not to happy about your interference. A lot of important groups lost a lot of money. When I trained you I warned you that these abilities will only go so far. Our kind is strong Chagai, yes, be we aren’t invincible. You’re going to learn that soon. “


Chagia responds.


“How should I have handled it then father? Should I have just let those lunatics sell nukes to shadow companies, who are just going to use them to hold their country’s hostage? Give me a fuckin break, you’ve always been like this! The world needs me, the innocent and the oppressed need someone to fight for them.”


Ezra responds.


“Do you think they would accept you if they new you were a Jackal?”


Chagia hesitates to respond, so Ezra continues after causing his elongated teeth to rip through the flesh around his cheeks.


“To them, were are nothing but monsters or weapons, but never people. They love you because you’ve tricked then into thinking your “super-human” instead of the offspring of a failed experiment. Wait till they see what you have to eat to survive and how frequently.  They’ll be lighting their torches in no time.”


Ezra walks over to his son and puts his hand on his shoulder before continuing.


“Your ashamed of who you are, I felt the same way at your age. But these humans, your putting everything on the line for, are more wicked then we. They think their better then us because they can’t show their monstrous traits in their physical appearance like we can. They’re delusional. Our very being is based on the demons that lie within their souls, begging to be let out.”


Chagia removes Ezra’s hand from his shoulder and right when’s about to explain his disposition about everything his father said, a signal goes of on his utility belt. He presses a button on the belt and the signal nullifies. Levitating of the ground, Chagia reopens the doors to the balcony before responding.


“I have to go.”


Ezra responds.


“I wont protect you this time…..”


Before blasting off into the night Chagia responds.


“………..I Know…………….”



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