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An article about spirituality and necessity. An inversion of wishful thinking to attune and merge with the real world.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



This might not be news to you but I still put it forward as a means to put the old illusions behind. And the point is this: The more you actually develop your spirituality the darker it gets. "The Light" one actually can experience is the black hole of consciousness. The things you and I still haven't learned the hard way. By personal experience. 

"Love" as an abstract thing is a thing I have tried and tested. Even as an actual thing. This is not something that works in the real world for me. What actually have worked are pure ego and a highly developed intellect. To confront the real life conditions of this death machine. Nothing more, nothing less. 

To think about a fluffy dream of absolute liberation is wishful thinking at best. Better to get real and start to work for pure survival. Taking care of money, physical and mental health. (Among other things) To manage consciousness according to real life experience, tried and tested for validity. 

What I think we actually need are the things we absolutely don't want in life. That is boring physical exercise, uncomfortable jobs, a good diet, good sleep and other necessities of the daily grind. Spirituality can only arise when we have taken care of these things. To catch a dream can seldom be more than getting even more grounded in reality. Getting the opposite to what we actually want. 

I think we are conditioned to want the things we absolutely don't need. Dreaming about the perfect partner as an example. Or a lucid moment. An endless journey into a magical land. 

The “magic” is the thing that has held me back lately. A deep conviction to follow inner guidance towards a bright future. But reality has proved me wrong. I have turned it completely around to negate this inner feeling and to cultivate a strong intellect instead. 

“Magic” can only occur when one already are on the right track so to speak. To be grounded in common sense reality and to go slow. Step by step. Patient. Careful. 

“Happiness” is a dangerous beast too. Disorienting the mind towards wishful thinking. And suffering is the way to clarity. Putting one on the right track again. 

As reality has been revealed to me everything “intuitive” is a negation of real life facts. 

Sad but true.

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