The Goliath Chronicles Season 2: FATHER BELLAMY PART 3

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This entry takes place in the same universe as the original Goliath short story. Everything in Father Bellamy's life has come to this one moment.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



The Goliath Chronicles Season 2




A Short Story


Written by:


Gene Robert Pridgen  II 





Johannesburg, South Africa


28 Years After the Merovingian Address 





Jerking awake from a deep slumber, Father Linden Bellamy clenches his chest and breathes heavily through his mouth. His inhaling and exhaling is so loud it causes his wife, Alva Bellamy, to come in the room to see if he’s ok. She checks his temperature with her hand while trying to get him to talk.


“Linden, LINDEN!? What’s wrong?  You’re burning up!!!!”  


Father Bellamy eventually gets his breathing under control and he scans his surroundings. He can’t believe it at first buts he’s back in his bedroom in South Africa. Leaning back against the bedpost Father Bellamy responds.


“I’m fine honey, don’t worry about it. “


Alva responds while checking Father Bellamy’s pulse.


“Are you sure!? Because it sounded serious from the kitchen! I thought you were having a heart attack!”


Alva caresses Father Bellamy’s hand before continuing.


“Are the visions coming back? The ones that kept you up at night, when we were in college?”


Father Bellamy sees the distressed expression on his wife’s face and quickly snaps back into reality before responding.


“Its alright Alva, I’ll be ok, were all going to be ok.”


Father Bellamy gently grabs his wife’s face with both hands and kisses her. After the kiss Alva calms down too. The couples exchange a smile and Alva starts walking back towards the door before responding.


“Well then, I guess I’ll get back to work, the kids lunches aren’t going to make themselves. Plus you have a flight to catch.”


Father Bellamy feels a chill run down his back before he responds.


“A flight where?”


Alva responds.


“Did you forget already? Remember you were invited to Germany to be on that late night show Insomniac. You got really popular over there after you performed a successful exorcism on that media moguls son. It was the only thing you wanted to talk about yesterday; you said it was a grand opportunity to get your message out. ”


Father Bellamy responds after pulling out the crucifix from under his shirt and rubbing it in his hand.


“………………………………… Right,……… it’s all coming back to me now……………….. Thanks honey.”


Alva responds as she sees her husband’s reaction.


“I could cancel the flight if you want. You don’t have to go if you’re not up to it anymore. You can use a day off.”


Father Bellamy hesitates to respond so Alva continues.


“Did you hear me? Linden? I said I can cancel the flight right now and you can rest in bed.”


A smile appears on Father Bellamy’s face before he responds.


“…….No, I want to go………. I must.”


Alva responds.


“….Well if anything---“


Alva is interrupted by the voice of a small child tugging on her dress.




Alva looks down to see her and Father Bellamy’s youngest son, Halirrhothius Bellamy, rubbing eyes as if he had just woke up himself. Alva kneel’s down on one knee before she responds.


“There’s my big man, you actually woke up before your brothers today. You hungry? I made pancakes.”


Halirrhothius responds.


“No, I just wanna talk to daddy…… Alone.”


Alva looks toward Father Bellamy and he nodded his head. After standing back up Alva turns back to say one more thing before exiting the room.


“I’ll be right outside if you guys need me.”


When Alva leaves, Halirrhothius walks over to his father’s bed and sits next to him. His silence makes Father Bellamy uneasy so he decides to start the conversation.


“Wassup champ, what did you want to talk about?”


 Halirrhothius responds.


“………….I had a bad dream.”


Father Bellamy responds.


“Daddy had a bad dream too. It was frightening at first, but I’m over it now. What happened in your dream?”


 Halirrhothius responds.


“You were attacked…..”


Father Bellamy responds.


“Attacked? Who attacked me?”


 Halirrhothius starts crying softly before responding.


“You were attacked by a demon named JEALOUS.”


 Halirrhothius continues after wiping the tears from his eyes.


“He attacked you when you were in another country and told his master where you were. His master sent one of his minions to capture you and bring you to him. You were killed with in this maters domain and Jealous watched you die from the shadows. Then he turned towards me and pointed with his long ugly finger and said “YOU”RE NEXT BOY”.


 Halirrhothius buries his head in his fathers chest and starts crying again before continuing.


“I felt so real dad, I really thought you were dead!!!!! Please don’t go to Germany, stay here with us!!!!!!”


 Halirrhothius keeps crying and more intensely. Father Bellamy takes a deep breathe and hugs his son with all his might. He uses his fingers to wipe away his sons tears and pushes back the hair from his eyes before responding.


“Theo……. Sometimes God will test our faith, as men and as his servants. When this test comes we cant run or hide or not go where we’re suppose to. We have to stand and fight. Because if evil will not relent, neither must we.”


Some time goes by but eventually Halirrhothius stops crying, smiles at his father and nodds his head. After exchanging smiles Father Bellamy lifts up his son and places him back on the floor before continuing.


“Now go in the kitchen and eat your mothers pancakes so she doesn’t feel bad.”


 Halirrhothius responds.


“Yes daddy.”


Father Bellamy waits to hear Halirrhothius talk to his mother before pulling out his laptoop and making a Skype call. He responds when the person on the other line picks up.


“Father Ajanlekoko?


Fathe Ajanlekoko responds.


“………….……..Father Bellamy!? FATHER LINDEN BELLAMY!? Whoa!!!? Its good to see you man! Its been years! How’ve you been?”


Father Bellmay responds.


“Its good to see you again too. I’d love to catch up but time is a luxury I don’t have. What I’m about to tell you mite sound like it came out of a fantasy novel, but its gravely important you remember all of it.”







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