Iron Man's sidekick

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Pepper Potts telling Tony Stark he needed a side kick so he wasn't the one always put in harms way. Tony refused so but Pepper decided to go through it anyway and called Hulk and Captain America to help judge contestants interested in being Iron Man's side kick.

There must be a minimum of 11 characters or actors. There can be more minions if needed or more of the Avengers judging silently.

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



Pepper: You are always in harms way and I won't stand for that.

Tony: Don't worry about me. 

Pepper: You need a sidekick.

Tony: No I do not have the patience for a sidekick. 

Pepper leaves and the scene changes to: Hulk, Captain America and Pepper doing an audidtion to be Iron Man's sidekick, the power puff girls enter. 

Pepper: What is your names?

Bubbles: Bubbles

Blossum: I'm Blossum

Buttercup: I'm Buttercup. 

All three: And we're the powerpuff girls!

Capt: What's your superpower?

Bub: Talk

Blos: People to

Butter: Death

Pepper: What's your weakness?

Girls: BOYS! 

Tony enters. 


Tony: What is this?

Pepper: We had to take matters into our own hands. 

Tony: Fine, but if we are going to be doing this, I have to ask one more question. How would you make me look cool? 

Girls: Cuteness! 

Capt: Thats not nessisary

Tony: That question is. 

Capt: It's not about looking cool. 

Tony: It's about looking cool and saving people. 

Capt: Says the person who has saved less people. 

Tony: Says the star spangled banner.

Capt: I ended a war. 

Tony: That's debateable. 

Capt: NEXT.

PP Girls Exit, Mineons enter. 

Mineons: Bee do bee do bee do.

Tony: These are super anoying, NEXT. 

Mineons exit. Robin enters and strikes a pose. 

Tony: What's your name?

R: I'm Robin. 

Tony: What is your superpower?

R: I'm a very loyal sidekick. 

Batman enters. 

B: Robin. (Pause)  What is the meaning of this?

Pepper: What's your weakness?

R: I have low self esteem because I'm under apreciated! (Cries on Tony.) 

B: Robin, I need some water. 

Robin grabbs a bottle of water that Capt was drinking and gives it to Batman. 

B: (Drinks) Well done. 

Tony: How will you make me look cool?

R: I've mastered the ultimate punch!

Robin kicks. 

Capt: Go home Robin. NEXT

Batman and robin exit. Elsa enters. 

Capt: What's your name?

Elsa: Elsa. 

Pepper: What's your power?

Elsa: I can make frozen yogert.

Hulk nods agressively and grunts. 

Tony: How will-What is your weakness?

Elsa: I can't let it go!

Tony: IT go? 

Elsa: Yes, I can't let it go. 

Tony: You can't hold it back anymore? You might have to work on that. How would you make me look cool?

Elsa: I could freeze your beard, I think that would be pretty cool. 

Tony: I would be frozen man?

Capt: You would be frozen. 

Tony: You know a lot about that.

Capt: Let's go!

Tony: Bring it! 

Try and fight and are separated by hulk and pepper. 

Tony: Dismissed. NEXT.

Elsa exits and Holy ghost enters. 

Capt: I can feel the righeousness searching. I want to have a rising descussion about truth, honor, patreisum, god bless america! 

Tony: Let it go. 

Elsa: (Backstage) LET IT GO! (Sings) 

Tony: What's your name?

HG: (Whispers so no one can hear.) holy ghost. 

Tony: Can you speak up?


Tony: He speaks with a still small voice. 

HG: (Holds a microphone or speaks up a tiny bit.) I am the holy ghost. 

R: (Backstage.) HOLY GHOST! Batman thats what we need!

B: Shut up.

Pepper: What is your power?

HG: (Whispers) Everything.

Tony: (Whispers to audience) Everything.

Pepper: Everything?

Tony: (Speaks louder) Everything!

Capt: What's your weakness?

HG: (Whispers) Nothing. 

Tony: Nothing.

Capt: Nothing?


Tony: How will you make me look cooler?

HG: (Whispers) I can save your soul.

Tony: Save my soul?

HG: (whispers) Save your soul.

Tony: That's Impressive.

Capt: Well.... We need to debate as judges. 

Tony, Peppers, Capt and hulk all whisper to one another.

HG exits and then enters with all sidekicks and all sit down except HG and robin hides behind HG.

Capt: Alright we reached a decision. Everyone on the bench, you can go home. 

All but robin and HG exit.


Capt: Robin you too. 

Robin leaves. 

Capt: holy ghost we have chosen you! 


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