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Time every minute

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



Time never stops, won’t stop, if time stops. Life stops. But it feels like it changes but yet, it doesn’t change. Things change the way we perceive time. Hated or loved. Being free and living free are impossible. When your chained to time. Life is funny like that. Like we tell each other it’s okay and it’s normal. How do you manage to be bound by time. Normal is a made up idea, rather more ones imagination. Time is not normal, it’s a gift and should never be normal. Time is a magical gift You’re only blessed to be here To experience it. Why would you want to be normal. Where normal is just not how time is It’s the most unique gift! Unnormal, unnatural, magical giftthat will never be normal, not even close It’s a blessing that makes it okay to not be time is very unnormal and so normally taken granted for. Enjoy that time, do you and be you! Happy birthday every minute! Hate or love it. Might be your last cake. Enjoy your blessing Ticking, slipping and going nobody knows when it stops.

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