A Good Boy

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The story of a dog who has been abducted during the night by an unknown stranger, only to be forced into a life of dog fights and abuse.

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



That night was normal. I went to sleep in my kennel as I did every night. I was quiet; I didn’t jump on mum or dad. I was a good boy. So why then did this happen to me? Why did that strange man enter my yard in the middle of the night and put me in his car. Should I have barked at him? Should I have bitten him? Mum and Dad always told me I should be kind to strangers, so I was. I saw him, so I approached him to welcome him, as any good dog would do. Now though, I’m in a cold, dark cage, with barely enough room to turn around. If this is what strangers do, why was I taught to be kind to them? Did Mum and Dad know that this would happen? And if not, why aren’t they here to get me? Was I a bad dog? I tried to be good.


Morning has finally arrived. I couldn’t sleep in this strange new place. I miss my kennel. I miss my blanket. Here the ground is hard and cold, and the only thing I have to chew are the bars of my cage. I heard other dogs crying in the night. I hope they’re okay. I tried not to let myself get to upset. I know my mum and dad will be here soon to pick me up. They love me. All I have to do is be a good boy and wait for them to get here.


The stranger looks like he’s heading back to my cage. As he gets closer, he starts to look at me with eyes I don’t recognise. They’re not like mum or dads eyes, they’re somehow different. They’re cruel eyes. It’s as if he’s looking at me with a sense of hatred. I don’t understand why. I’ve been quiet; I’ve been a good boy. He approaches my cage and leans down. He’s breath reeks of a strong smell that I don’t recognise. He kneels there for a moment, before letting out a short snicker and getting up to walk away.


Its hours before I see him again. This time he approaches my cage with an old piece of rope. He opens my door and I very briefly see the bright light of freedom, until he ties the rope to my collar and starts to pull me into another room. I don’t want to go with him. I pull back as hard as I can. I try to wriggle free of my collar. I bark, I cry. Nothing helps, as all my attempts only seem to result in the stranger becoming crueller and crueller. He’s now kicking and yelling at me. I’m more scared than before.


The room is dark and full of smoke and that same strange smell, my eyes take a moment to adjust. Suddenly I’m surrounded by more and more strangers. I desperately search the room for mum and dad, they don’t seem to be here, but surely one of these other strangers could help me. I try to get to one of them, but the rope yanks at my collar. I try the other side, but I’m greeted with a kick to the ribs. My eyes start to water with a mix of the smoke and the pain. I tuck my tail between my legs and walk alongside the stranger. Maybe if I do what he says, maybe if I’m a good boy, he’ll take me home, back to mum and dad and my kennel and blanket. How I miss that blanket.

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