The Rain, The Sun and The mood

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Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



He was looking at the clouds in the sky. The rain was pouring down heavily. There was darkness all around due to clouds in the sky. It was fifth continuous day of heavy raining. The clouds had covered the Sun and were showering water continuously. He was in gloomy mood and was feeling darkness in heart and mind. After returning from the office in a day with heavy rainfall, he had nothing special to do. He was alone in his flat. There was damp in the atmosphere which made him uncomfortable to some degree. There was nothing to hear except the sound caused by rainfall which he was listening and which was increasing his aloneness. He looked outside through the window. He could not see beyond some metres due to heavy rain. Heavy rainfall made an opaque wall some metres away from him; seeing through which was not possible for him. He looked at the trees in the compound of the building. The trees appeared to him in deep sleep wearing green and soaked blankets. It seemed to him that the nature was feeling sorrow for the absence of the Sun. Being bored, he stood up from the chair and entered the kitchen to prepare tea. He felt relief and warmness standing near the stove. He gazed at the boiling water for a few minutes. Bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pot were entertaining to him. He added tea powder to boiling water and began to look at the spreading tea colour. The spreading tea colour appeared to him as if clouds were spreading in the sky. He poured the tea into a cup and went out of the kitchen to the drawing room. There was wetness in the room which filled him with unease.  He switched on the television and began to sip the tea surfing the channels in search of any interested program. He watched the television for the long time. He still was in a depressive mood. There was something in him which was causing gloom.  

After taking dinner he went for sleeping. But sleep was far away from him. He spread himself on the bed. There was total darkness in the room and spreading on the bed he was hearing the sound of rain. Soon the darkness and the sound of rain began to give him relaxation. He fell into deep sleep.

In a dream he was drifting among clouds. There was nothing but clouds were all around him. Being surrounded by clouds he lost the sense of direction. He couldn’t see anything except clouds. He tried to stop himself from drifting but failed to do so. He got feared at this. Soon he found himself trapped in the enormous mass of clouds just like a worm trapped in the cobweb. Suddenly it appeared to him that the clouds were the web woven by an enormous spider and he was its prey. A wave of chill and fear run through his body.  Just then his dream broke. He found himself soaked with sweat. Feeling wetness and cold he covered himself with blanket and tried to sleep again. Soon he fell into world of dreams. This time he was finding a way out of a field of an unknown standing crop. The crop was high about twice the height of him. He was desperately searching a way to come out. He did not know how he enter this field, where to go and how to come out of these vast field. The crop was so dense that he had to remove several leaves, branches and stems out of his way to move a foot forward. Above him was the hot bright sun, whose rays were scorching his body. Soon his body drenched with sweat. His throat was dried due to thirst. He began to stagger for exhaustion and fell down on the earth and with his falling down his dream broke. He stood up leaving his bed. His heart was beating at high rate; his body become cold. He looked at the clock. It was four o’clock of the morning. There was a pin drop silent all around. He again fell on the bed and did not try to sleep. Lying on bed he began to gaze at the ceiling of the room. Aloneness of the room was giving him a special type of peace and pleasure. He wished to remain in this state for all times. How much time he spent in this state he did not know, he again fall into sleep.

 When his sleep broke, he looked at the clock. The clock had already stricken eight o’clock of the morning. He immediately left the bed and opened the window of his room. Outside, the rain had been stopped and the sun was shining in the sky. Clear weather and Sunrays brought the smile on his face.

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