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Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



You need to find a job

How many times did you hear it?

Family, friends or even strangers

They all tell you that it’s important to work and to find a job, in my country, money always talks, you don’t have to work if you have money, I don’t know if it goes that way too all around the world or not, but even if, it’s excessive in my country

My name is Lakshay, I graduated one year ago, and I’m currently working at a good company, one of the best, I found a good job, but first, let me tell you my story

I was a loser my entire life, I tried so many things but I failed, but at least I tried

Until one day, everything started to make sense, at high school I decided to start studying and I made it, I got high grades, one of the best students at my school

Then I decided to go to the best college in town, I went there for couple of weeks then I decided to go to another college, well, technically speaking I didn’t choose to go to another college but I was forced by circumstances to do so

I went to the new college and I studied hard again, the good thing is that I loved it and got high grades too, everything was going great, I got a lot of courses to improve myself and to have a good resume, my resume was almost perfect, I was ready to apply at a lot of good places, I applied at the best place that I could get and I got accepted, everything was going as planned, the only thing that was missing was getting experience to go to another place or continue working at the same place, even though this place is the best, some people leave it to go to other places which are worse when they get better packages, which rarely happens

Until suddenly, everything started to change, the company is great but the branch that I’m working at wasn’t that good, I couldn’t adapt with the group, I wasn’t good at work, everything started to change, I had no reason to stay, and when you have no reason to stay you have to leave, all the signs were pointing at the exit door, a voice inside my head was yelling “leave immediately”

I listened to that voice and left, ignoring everything and everyone, it was the perfect choice then, the best thing about this decision was it made me think, alone, away from everyone and everything, I spent a month at home thinking about everything

This month was one of the worst months in my entire life, I kept thinking about everything, I realized that my personality, my abilities and my skills allow me to work at another place, in fact, another career, I realized that the worst decision wasn’t going to that company, but it was going to that college, after deep thinking, all the other options were available, I could go to any other college, but I wasn’t going to find a job, it was like the illusion of freedom, choose between something that fits you but you won’t find a job and something that doesn’t fit you but you will find a job, no one will choose to be jobless, I was trapped in my career, the other option was just staying at home and not working, even if you choose that option, you will live with regret, boredom and lack of money

I applied at other places, one of them paid higher salary, but the job was silly and bad, I had to make more sacrifices to get that job and I wasn’t ready to make more sacrifices, fortunately I was rejected, another job was easy and fun, but it paid about half of the salary I used to take, I was accepted but I didn’t go, the salary was very low to me

After few days I realized that the company that I used to work at was the only option, I went back to it, I had no other choice

This story is not about working life as you think, this story is about life, society, people, and other things

Human beings always fear the future, most of our thinking is about the future, we fear it as if it was our enemy or it’s going to hurt us, the future is just hazy, we always fear the unknown, we don’t fear people who are different, we fear people who are mysterious, people whom we don’t understand, we’re all different and we don’t fear each other

If you have a conflict with your parents because they interfere in your life and make your decisions, don’t blame them, they are not the problem, the society is the problem, your parents force you because they know that there’s no other option for you

What people at my country don’t understand is that our economy is falling apart, they know but they just don’t understand the consequences, middle class technically doesn’t exist, most of the people are poor, and few are rich, and around one third of the population used to belong to the middle class, but now they will be poor

I have a good job and I’m better than most of the people in my country, but my country is drained economically, socially and on so many levels, the only way to succeed is to escape it, and even if you leave, they will treat you like a slave, because they believe that you were a slave in your country

Now I’m dead inside, I have to follow orders to live, no one orders me directly, and all of them are indirect orders, from unknown people

That’s the worst part of it, when you don’t know the problem, or when there are too many problems for you to solve, this overload can kill you

What is the point of this story? , I don’t know, I hoped that you find out, because all that I can see now is … haze

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