Wood-smoke and ashes

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Life on the road for a Scottish tinker child, written in Scottish dialect. PS The front cover pictures some of my own ancestors.

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016




Wood smoke and ashes a fine smell we’d say when comin’ home from workin’

Aw day

Four of us bairn sat near mams feet

Aye , we cannae wait tae eat

Wee grubby faces eagerly watchin’

As mammie boils up the tattties n herrin’


Oot mammie spoons it ontae a peat, saying' och

Ach it’s awrite bairns’ it’s been hardened by heat'

 No such things as forks n knives, aye we live but simple lives

Hard as it is we know no other

Brought up on the road wi oor faither n mother


Up by fife’ n’ doon by Troon , we’ve wandered this hale country roon

Pickin’ tatties , sellin’ wares

Getting’ work wi whoever cares

Aye, geeze a job n we’ll dae it canny

There’s no one better than my auld daddy


Berry pickin’ in the summer months, meetin’ old friends

And gathering stories

That’s the magic that’s the glory.

The freemans life, the summer walkers.


Whit news whit news?  the country folk yell

They’ll all sit ‘n’ listen to the traveller mans tales.

News of the war, news of whatever

Christ the traveller even tell ye the weather


Gossip , stories old and new

From near and far he’ll impart to you

For a wee bit baccy or a shillin’ or two

they'll do some damn fine work for you

Tinsmith, weaver tattie hawker

Tin, bucket , pale or can

The finest craft of an honest man.


Bonny items old and new made with care-weary hand for you

Trade passed down through folks years gone

See, nothing was in writing put but word of mouth and stories



Many tales on summer night’s 

told by bonnie campfire light

Of people generations gone

who passed their gifts to many on.

© Copyright 2018 Sunnyson. All rights reserved.

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