Murder 4 Love

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A story of how the protagonist (Isado Naosuke) meets his online friend. I wrote this in 20 minutes and it's technically an unfinished story. It's more like a teaser for the actual story, but I would greatly appreciate any feedback or criticism.

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016







The whisper floated across the cold night air of the park as Isado Naosuke walked down the solid grey stairs. He froze in surprise and faced towards direction of the whisper. As he looked on at the fountain from where he had heard the sound a small shape of a girl could be seen in the shadows. Naosuke hesitantly walked towards the looming fountain and replied, “Tamae-san, is that you?”

From the shadows behind the fountain a girl walked out and stood facing towards him. She gave a little nod then uttered “It’s nice to finally meet you after so long.”

“It’s nice to meet you too,” retorted Naosuke, “but why did we have to meet up at 11 PM at night?”

“Because, isn’t it kind of romantic? It feels very romantic,” exclaimed Tamae as she walked closer towards Naosuke.

“Well, I better be getting home” said Naosuke as he blushed, “I’ll be sure to message you when I get home.”

“I’ll be eagerly awaiting your message,” replied Tamae as she walked off to the exit of the park.

Naosuke stood there perplexed as his heart was racing. He watched as Tamae walked off into the dark distance and then walked off to the exit in the opposite direction. He was unaware of the significance of this encounter, but he was pleased. He shouldn’t have been pleased. As he neared his house he contemplated how he could have had a better conversation. Tired, he entered his house.



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