the prison

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Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



As I stubmeld intot he familiar surroundings that has become my home from home, I could not help but give a hearted smile at my ownd espiar. There was my Warden, ready, as usual, to serve me the poison that he';s been giving me for the last ten years. my cell-mates, coming from all walks of life, have been brought to this cesspit where we've become brothers-in-arms to the same fate.

With reluctantance only matched by the defeat in my eyes I could not help but take the poison from the Warden's hands. Over the years I've become so familiar to him that he began serving me three ice cubes with my poison, as if the cubes were enough to prove to me that it was indeed safe and for my well being, but I knew different. As I drank from what would should have been a potent drink, I had come to the realization that my resistance to it has grown. So long from the first time the poison had sent my body into a tingle and dulling my incessant thoughts, now I've come to need more and more of it, to even do a fraction of what it used to.

The Warden smiled at me, in his understanding, yet ignorant way. For ten years he served and saw the effects of this poison on my life. What a life it was! Outside of this hole, I was a man of accounts. My time was spent in the constant crunching of numbers and the analysis of data! However my true passion was always analyzing those around me. I had a gift, if you could call it that. I moonlite as a person watcher; someone who saw the battles waged int he faces of the people I came to meet or observe. I saw the drudgery and sacrifices to the war, and over time I believe it was the constant wars I saw, etched on the faces and movements of those I met that drove me to this place. 

I guess, it really wasn;t much of a life. At least it was not one I appreciated at the time. But after spending so much time in this prison's four walls, you come to appreciate even the smallest of joys. No person ever left these halls without at least reconsidering the lives they left behind. 

By now the Warden has served me my fifth dosage of his poison, his face turning from that ignorant smile to the most disgusting contortion ever mastered by the human species; pity. As the poison was quickly drained from my cup; drips falling from the sides of my mouth, I had saw my brothers all wasting away from the toxin. By now, both the Warden and I came to the silent resolution that no more of the poison would be served to me. Not this night.

With the last bit of determination I could muster, I rose from my chair and started to leave. But this prison was not one that could be escaped. The Warden and the guards never bothered trying to retain us in its four walls, because they knew in their heart of hearts, we would be back. And I know, in my heart of hearts. I will be back.




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