Happy Anniversary

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WOW! What a surprise, my husband surprised me with a gift of another man. And then to be blackmailed to perform more for both of them. This was just the beginning

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016



“Thank you! Dinner was great.  Hard to believe it’s been 9 years!” she told him with a big smile.

He seemed very excited and but anxious as he grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I can’t wait for you to have the rest of your surprise”

“What is it? I’m sure I will love it! Give at least a little hint! Please?”
“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you. Besides it will be best if you don’t know til you get it”  
She sat back in the car to relax, “ok, so are we going home, or somewhere else?”
“We are going home, you can get comfy and then we will continue our celebration”
“Sounds like a great plan” The conversation drifted around what the kids were doing the rest of the weekend, but she couldn’t quit thinking about what else he had planned for tonight. But he said we are going home? He’s not the surprise party kinda guy, and that wouldn’t fit with a no kids weekend.  She would just have to wait…..

As they walked in the house he gets a couple texts reading them with a silly boy like grin. ‘Who is that” she asked.  
“oh just letting me know things are moving along with a project. Why don’t you go get comfy while I go out to the shop for a few minutes, I’ll be back inside in a little while.”  
“Great! Hurry back in, I’m going to take some advil, that wine from dinner is giving me a headache”
“I’ll get you something and a drink”
She goes back to the bedroom and finds her clothes.  He comes in and hands her a glass of iced diet coke and a couple pills.  
“I just wanted advil, I don’t need anything stronger”  
“that’s ibuprofen that I bought this week, it’s an off brand and is just white instead of the name brand. But it was a lot cheaper for a lot more” So she swallows both pills at once.
“ok, thanks, I’m going to watch tv til you come back inside”

He leans over and kisses her “see you in a few, drink your coke too” She goes to the bathroom and puts on her comfy leggings and a tank top, straightens up the bedroom. Just piddling around to kill time.
She drinks her diet coke as she walks to the couch. It tastes kinda funny, maybe it’s just a store brand too. She sips it as she sits on the couch.

She can’t find anything to really keep her attention on tv. She wonders what is taking him so long. She is getting so tired and light headed. If he doesn’t hurry, the anniversary is going to have to continue tomorrow. The room spins as she stands to go look out the back door.  She knows she didn’t drink enough to make her body react like this.

She lays down on the couch and drifts in and out of a light sleep. She hears him walking on the back deck talking. He must be talking to the dog again.  Wait, No! The dog can’t talk back, who is with him? Oh She doesn’t feel like company tonight.  She can’t stay focused on anything.  
Then there they are, standing right in front of her.  

“Stand up and greet your anniversary gift”.  He says in a demanding tone. Confused, she stands up.  
He speaks to her as he comes closer and holds her hands, rubbing up her arms. “Hey, how are you? I’m glad your husband invited me over. We are all going to have so much fun. He told me what you like, and what he wants to watch.” So confused and uncomfortable now, she tries to pull away, but this stranger holds on to her. Or maybe he’s not a stranger, he is familiar.
She is not understanding and not keeping focused. She tries to sit down, but the stranger holds her up.  He speaks to her husband again, but she is not comprehending it at all. She really needs to sit or better yet lay down. If he’s invited a friend over, they are just going to have to have a few drinks without her. Something is not right. 

Several hours later she slowly woke up feeling so groggy and confused. She didn’t remember getting in bed last night. Last thing she remembered was feeling a little off and laying down on the couch and he comes in with someone. Who was it? She cannot remember. Then it is all so cloudy, what had happened? How did she get in this nightie? 
“OH I think my head is going to explode!” Her headache was unbelievable. 
As she tried to sit up in the bed she realized something was definitely wrong. Her panties were missing. The feeling between her legs was telling a story she didn’t remember at all.  Maybe a hot shower would loosen the tight muscles all over her body.  Very slowly she made it to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

This nightie must have been part of the anniversary celebration she thought as she stripped it off. A half scream, half moan came out as she turned to the mirror. What had happened? How did she get bruises on her breasts! Oh wow! As she rubbed her hands over her body. What is going on? Why can’t I think straight? Why can’t I remember? 

As she stepped in the spray of the shower, it burned her skin, not the heat of the water, but the water on bruised broken skin.  After a few minutes, the water started to soothe the tension in her neck. Now to get out and get dressed and find out some answers.

 As she sat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee, she realized it was after noon.  She never slept this late. Something had happened last night and she needed to remember. The longer she sat, she had small little thoughts of hands on her breast, squeezing Squeezing and squeezing, then biting them.  But who was it? There was someone watching. Taking pictures!! NO! There are pictures! 

The memories start coming, not in order, or maybe they were in order. It didn’t seem real, but she could feel the after effects now.  
Her shirt was taken off, her bra was removed. Leggings are gone. Hands are all over her. But she didn’t tell them to stop. Did she want this? 
He laid her down on the chaise. Her arms hanging at her side, onto the floor.  She couldn’t pick up her arms, they were so heavy.
He was standing in front of her just looking. Then tasting between her legs. Posing her body for the pictures.  Someone was telling him what to do.
He was inside of her! Pounding his hard member inside of her! Squeezing her! She couldn’t get away! 
Then someone was moving her legs, taking a picture.  Putting his hands on her taking another picture. Sucking on her breast, another flash!
This can’t be what really happened, it had to have been a bad dream she is remembering. There is no way he would have allowed someone to do this to me!
The back door opens and her husband comes in the kitchen.

“Well, the sleepyhead finally wakes up, I let you sleep since you had such an active night” he says smiling from ear to ear
“what are you talking about?  What happened? I have bruises on my boobs. I hurt like we had really rough sex.’ I don’t have clear memories, not sure why, because I didn’t drink that much.
She is afraid to tell him she has dreamed it was with someone else. She doesn’t want him to think she wants anyone but him. He already is a very jealous man and doesn’t need to have anything to hold over her. 
“I gave you something to help you relax so you could enjoy your surprise. I knew you would be nervous when you saw Chris. He came all the way out here so I didn’t want him to be disappointed.”

“Who’s Chris? Dissappointed? What are you talking about?”

His attitude changed instantly! Intense Anger! He got right in front of her! Stuck his finger in her chest, his face right at her face. She can smell alcohol.  Already drinking? It’s the middle of the day!
“Don’t even act like you don’t know what I am talking about! I arranged for you to meet Chris earlier this week. You met with him twice. Of course, you never told me, you thought it was going to be just you and him. But he knew it was to be just like it happened last night.”
“What are you talking about?”
He grabbed her arm tightly. “you showed him a house 2 different times this week. You have been emailing him several times a day. I can prove that. Don’t even try to deny it”
She starts trying to remember the rest of the week, who she was with, who she emailed. She thinks she remembers a Chris, but he just called her from a sign she had in front of a house.  He may have mentioned he knew her husband, but she doesn’t really remember. He’s scaring her!

“I have pictures and I have given them to him. So if he contacts you to meet you better do what he says, I will want pics and he knows that.  If you turn him down, we will share your pics online, and I have proof you have been with someone else”

He’s blackmailing me? My husband is blackmailing me with pictures that he took? That he set up? Really? He planned this, not me? But he’s blackmailing me to do more with this man?
“Happy Anniversary! Now you have had your other man so I can have a woman join us too.”

She sat there stunned. What had just happened?

And she knew that was not the last time it was going to happen…….

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