Fall of The Olympians: The Show-off

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Hopefully in the future I can coordinate this video to be operational and to actually be created. The introduction to the knowledge of Fall of the Olympians. More or likely a teaser to the show. But also a craft to be tested. *Note: The print has been copied from a Word document/ file.

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: August 08, 2016




Fall of The Olympians:

The Show-off


Written by: Joseph Hooks

Version 1


August 8, 2016

© Hooks Define Studio


Little to Know;

Characters : 10 Gods show in this little video.

Heracles 5>Poseidon 10>Demeter  

1>Athena 6>Hera

2>Artemis 7>Zeus

3>Apollos 8>Dionysus

4>Ares 9>Aphrodite


One Titan>Perses


Setting: The wooded areas of Pellas (modern-day)

Mountain territory along with wooded forests.


Summary: The introduction of a possible series. Heracles is speeding away from a threat he cannot overcome himself. When he is on his knees, help comes in the form of a force.


Script Details:


~Black screen to a view of a wood area.~


(The camera moves through a section of the wooded area that is unfamiliar to Heracles.)

(The camera moves to a figure running.)


~Heracles is seen running pass a multitude of trees with speed.~


(The camera follows his feet as with an image of not knowing who is running.)

(The next shot consists of the first camera shot, where the wooded area absent of Heracles is seen. This time is that the camera continues to move on.)

(The camera is back to Heracles, only this time he is still running, his face with fright as he makes his escape for survival.)


~Heracles moves along towards an unknown point to the viewer.~


(For the last time the camera moves through the wooded area. The only difference from the last time is that the trees and brush moves violently as if something has disturbed their sleeping.)

(After this scene, Heracles is then on one of his knees.)


~Heracles looks up from the ground at the trees behind where he was running.~


(The camera moves from the front of Heracles to his back allowing the viewer to see what has been chasing after Heracles. The titan Perses then stands up revealing himself from the trees. The trees are moving as a result of this rise.)

(The camera then moves to above the trees to allow a comparison of the woods roof to the titan. He stands about 30 yards taller than the trees.)

(When the shoot finishes, the camera then goes back to Heracles on the ground.)


~He then is staring at the Titan.~


(The next shoot is over his left shoulder.)


~A purple spark forms right next to him and he looks at the orb that is floating.~


(The shoot after that goes a couple of yards away from him and captures his left side.)


~Athena forms from the orb in full armor ready for battle.~


(As Athena shows up, the camera then comes close to Heracles and pans to the right as he is looking at Athena.)


~A couple more of multi-color sparks form next to Athena. Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, and Aphrodite appear in that order next to Athena.~


( The camera moves with Heracles’ head as he senses another orb.He moves his head [camera oriented] from right to left and notices the orb.)


~A yellow orb forms and Zeus appears. He places his hand on Heracles’ shoulder. Bowing his head. Heracles does the same.~


(When Zeus places his hand on Heracles’ shoulder the camera is behind Heracles observing Zeus. The camera then returns to its original place.)

(The camera then pans from the right to the left same as the opposite side.)


~Another handful of orbs form next to Zeus, similar to the other side. Hera, Ares, Poseidon, and Demeter appear.~


(The camera then centers on Heracles and he positions his head back to the center, looking at the camera.)

(The camera then moves behind Heracles revealing all the people of the party. The view is also showing Perses. This camera position is at the ground up.)

(Then the last shoot is in front of the group.)


~The party then starts to charge the Titan.~


(The screen goes black. Then the title “The Fall of the Olympians is shown”.)

******Smaller details will be revealed later, they are a lot of describing for this script******

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