Biography of Nina Kristensen

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To be true to her tale, it all began before she was born. Her tale began with a man fleeing England and the horror that he suspected was to befall all halfbloods, such as himself. He knew that he who must not be named and his deatheaters were killing the wizards and witches of mixed blood by the dozens. It would be only a matter of time till that came for the man that begins her tale.


Derek Kristensen was this mans name and yes, he was a Wizard. But only just a wizard, as not being able to cast but the simplest of spells and only then under the most ideal of conditions. He like many others, would be no match for the fate that awaited halfbloods in England as the terror began. He would be even less a match then most. What he lacked in wizarding power he made up for in looks; that and a kind heart. However that kind heart and good looks would not save him he knew. It pained him to be leaving his family behind, but they intended to stand to the end, no matter what that end might be. No one in the family blamed him for leaving however, they knew his lack of power and knew he would only be in the way and a liability.


He left Whitby, England and came to the town of Skorpa in Norway. Crossing the North Sea in haste, he had not taken a broom or even a chimney flue. He took a boat. It was not the first time he had mingled with the muggles, his father was a muggle afterall. When Derek had arrived in Norway he found himself alone, as he knew no one there. He was a refugee of sorts and like many a refugee from many a war before. He found himself penniless and homeless in this new land. He soon found work as a fisherman, a very common work and easy to find in this land by the sea. He found that life as a muggle, wasn't half bad. Where as in the wizard world his lack of prowess as a wizard had defined him and placed him firmly in the lower class. He soon found he could make a modest living in the muggle world with menial labor. No one cared if he could hardly transmute or make potions, this made him happy. Soon he became less alone and less penniless, not rich in friends or money but finding a little of both. Soon one friend lead to another and eventually he met a young lady by the name of Astrid. Astrid had taken his heart almost immediately. She was indescribably beautiful. He spent a good year chasing her before he finally won her heart, from the myriad of suitors she had constantly around her and another year after till she had consented to marry him. It was not another year after till Nina was born.


Years came and went as Nina grew into a young child of ten. Derek, her father had never let Astrid or Nina know that he himself, was a wizard. For just barely a wizard he was. He spent much of his time on week long fishing cruises to provide for the wife that he loved so very dearly and the little girl that they had given life to. He hated being away from his bride and child but what could be done. Money was not plentiful but it was enough. The small family could not lean on Astrid's parents for she herself was orphaned and had no others that she knew of. Or so she said, and why would Derek not believe her. Nina grew to be very close to her mother in the ten years they had together. Why shouldn't they be, they were almost identical. Nina and her mother, shared a bond that was stronger then mother and daughter, or so Nina seemed to think. This all changed of course the day she left.


It was not a remarkable night, the last night Nina saw her mother. It was a night like many before, her father had just returned from one of his fishing excursions and had a few days before his boat went out again. They had all fallen asleep in the big bed shared by Astrid and Derek, watching movies. When Nina awoke in the morning, it was before her father. She found her mother was not in bed and thinking that she must be in the kitchen preparing breakfast, she went to join her there. Astrid was not in the kitchen either, nor in the hall or the family room or anywhere in the house for that matter. It was an intuition but Nina knew at once that she would never see her mother again. Thats when she woke her father in a panic, he tried to calm her down but he himself was a bit ill at thought of not knowing where his wife may be. That's when Derek found the note, it wasn't a long note, nor was it even written on a large piece of paper. It simply read;

“It pains me that I must go. I will miss you both far more then you will ever know. However, my time here must come to an end. -A”


They both cried not knowing what else to do, they were heartbroken. The rest of the day was a blur to Nina. A blur oftears and sorrow at first and then anger and helplessness the next. That night as she layed in her bed filled with thoughts of her mother, she picked up a frame and looked at her picture. The frame contained a picture of her family, her mother smiling back at her. Suddenly she watched the picture move, at first she thought it was a trick of the light or a trick of her mind, but as she continued to watch it moved again. It was if the picture had come alive. She shrieked at once seeing this, her father ran into her room only to find her huddled in the corner with the picture laying in front of her, moving within its frame. This seemed not to bother her father at all. It was then, the first time that Nina learned that her father was a wizard, and it seemed that she herself was destined to be a witch and her grief had been the reason the picture had come to life. It seemed the changes to her life would never end. This day had turned her world upside down and would be one she would never forget.


After some time she began to hate her father for hiding this secret from her and her mother. She hated him more so because it seemed that his so called magic was not able to find her mother either. When they left Skorpa several weeks later, she hated him even more. He knew that he had to return to the sea to work. She knew it was what fed her but he was up rooting her entire life. What if her mother returned? What if she changed her mind and wanted to come back? Now she would never find them across the north sea with Derek's family, her fathers family, the family she had never known. She clearly remembered her first few weeks there, in that drab little town of Whitby, England. She felt so very alone. Her father had left her with a complete stranger. Sure, this woman was her aunt; but an aunt she had never met before. Her father had gone telling her that he would be going to continue looking for her mother Astrid. She knew he wouldn't find her, and worst she was alone. Aunt Carol seemed nice enough and gave her room to grieve. She was also there also to comfort her when she needed it. To Aunt Carol and her father, the moving picture was both nothing and a thing of wonder. It seemed there were alot of pictures in this house, ones that moved. But this one, the one she held close, set it apart from the rest. It showed that she herself was a witch and could perform magic. However she thought, what use was this magic for, if it could not find her mother. She asked her aunt, why her magic couldn't help her, she replied saying that perhaps one day it would help her in her search, but that she would have to go to a school, a wizard school and learn all she could. Her aunt, did not have that heart to tell Nina, that many of the family members had already tried their magic to find this woman, yet it had all failed. It was not until the summer before her 12th birthday, that her invitation to Hogwarts arrived. She and her aunt seemed very excited as the owl delivered the announcement. Even more so to Nina’s amazement as the letter read itself. Not only this brought excitement to Nina, knowing that here was the school where she could learn what she desperately wanted. The resources to hopefully, one day help her find her mother. This gave her hope.


It was not long after receiving the letter that she met Annabelle. Annabelle was a cat, and not just any cat, a pure black cat. She had met this cat, Annabelle on a walk. Nina herself enjoyed to walk alone through the hills a mile into town. It gave her independence and time to think. She did a great deal of thinking. It was then while she was deep in thought that the cat had started waling beside her. At first she was worried. This was a black cat, a witches cat, one that would give you bad luck if it crossed your path. But then she recalled that now, she herself was a witch and that this cat didn't seem to be crossing her path but instead walking along side of her. She tried to shoo the cat away but it did no good. The cat would simply return to her place beside her and would look up at her with its big blue eyes. Was it strange for a cat to have blue eyes? She seemed to think it might, be but she didn't know enough about cats to know for sure. After several failed attempts to rid herself of this cat, Nina had eventually reached her house. The more the cat followed the more fond of the cat she became. It didn't try to cross her path and give her bad luck and it had blue eyes, the same blue as hers and her mothers. As she looked at the cat and thought of her mother she began to cry. It was then that the cat came up to her and rubbed against her leg. This crumpled Nina's heart and her knees buckled under her, the cat then crawled into her arms. It was a long time that Nina sat by the side of the road holding Annabelle. The cat let herself be held and rubbed her face against Nina's as if wiping away the tears. This was the start of a long friendship. Annabelle had followed Nina everywhere since that day. Nina had shared every secret she had with her little furry friend. The cat never seemed to judge her. Even when she told Annabelle that she hated her father. The cat seemed to give her unconditional love and never seemed to want to leave her side. Never again did Nina feel quite so alone again. Although she did fear that one day the cat would maybe leave like her mother.


Soon her first day at Hogwarts was drawing close. She was more nervous and excited then she could have ever imagined. She was nervous that while she was away at school, her entire family would disappear just like her mother had. This was made a little easier by promises from her aunt, whom she had learned to trust and like, and more because she had learned that she could take Annabelle with her. Her excitement came more in that there was so much to learn. Not only could she learn how to find her mother but there seemed to be an endless variety of things to learn each more amazing then the last. Her first day was quite eventful, from getting on a train in a rather odd place to finding herself walking forward during her sorting ceremony. She could never forget the nervousness and relief she felt as the hat pronounced "Griffindor" almost immediately. After that day, she dove head first into her studies but soon found herself distracted by the attention she seemed to get from the boys at school. She soon found that the boys at the school were often willing to help her with things such as homework and buy her gifts. She tried not to take advantage of this power that she seemed to have, but the gifts were often hard to resist as for some of the things they offered, she really wanted. Her family wasn't able to buy these things for her as he after all, was only a fisherman.


During her first year at Hogwarts she had gained many friendships, mainly that of boys older then herself. It was not till one of the older girls became very angry with her and accused her of attempting to steal her boyfriend. It was then that she decided to be a bit more reserved, and kept mostly to herself. She found that she preferred the company of boys to the girls, as she would get along better with them over the girls. She also came to find that she was gifted in muggle music. It was as if she intuitively knew how to play a wide range of instruments. With little instruction she could pick up any instrument and make sound with it though by far her favorite was, the violin. In contrast she found that she was abysmal with potions. She just couldn't seem to get things just right and could never seem to remember what weed did what or what flower caused such a thing to happen. Her magical strength seemed to lie in divination and charms. Her divination teacher often said she was gifted with “the sight”. She did not know if it was a sight or not but often times she could puzzle things out and intuitively saw things others missed.


On completion of her first year she found that the cost of supplies for her schooling was taking its toll on her father and his family. She knew they were not rich but she had taken it for granted that her school supplies would be payed for. She found that her second year was a bit more uncomfortable as she didn't have a wide range of new clothing and couldn't afford the snacks and candies that the other kids could. When she returned to school for her second year she found that some of the girls that disliked her often time picked on her for her lack of wardrobe. Not to say she dressed in rags but what she did have was modest and plain. Again she was hesitant to take gifts from the boys that seemed to flock to her but at times she couldn't help it. The boys seemed grateful enough that she took their gifts but she still kept them at arms length.


Her studies in her second year went much like her first and this seemed to blend into her third year. This year being much like her last. She spent most of her time in the library studying the many things that there was to learn. She found that she was more comfortable there. The books didn't care about her plain wardrobe and they didn't pester her for attention. When she was not in the library she spent her time with the school orchestra practicing her music. When she wasn't with that group she would find that hours would fly by as she played her violin. And this is how she had spent most of this her fourth year. Studying the wealth of knowledge in the library and playing her violin and wondering if maybe she might find out what it was like to let one of the boys kiss her.

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