Trust In The Lord

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There are times when as a family member, we are entitled to incidents which test our patience. But having a humane trait and trust in the LORD can assist us in quelling these challenges of life in a positive way.

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



John had a daughter Mary who sang in the church choir.Being a Catholic and ardent follower of Christ, he followed the principles strictly. He worked in the local meat shop in his small town.

"John," called Martin, who was his childhood friend. "Yes, Martin," replied John, "and good morning."

"The same to you," Martin responded," I need to tell something about Mary."

John's ears stood erect. Martin understood the non-verbal expressions of a father.

"I have seen Mary go with a new guy on a car. Have a look-out; remember, I have also reared Mary like a father."

"Where did you see her going on the bike," asked John.

"Outside her college. Why don't you apply for half day leave, check and talk to her this evening

?"-  Martin.

John felt restless. He talked to his boss Thomas, took permission for two hours and hurried in the direction of his daughter's college.

When the clock struck five, John stood at a safe distance from the college, his eyes gazing intently at the girls and boys coming out of the college.

A few minutes later, John saw his daughter Mary come out. John hid behind the trees and within minutes his doubts were solved. A man came on his bike and Mary chatted with him for a minute, sat on the pillion.

The bike sped off.

John was livid with anger. But patience prevailed on and he hurried towards his home to wait for his daughter.

When he reached home, he was in for a surprise. There was a car and laughter was coming from his house.

He reached home and came face-to-face with his brother, Abraham. Abraham left home 27 years ago because he was interested in marrying his girlfriend, Jennifer. John's father had disapproved of the relationship.

So there was a family reunion. The man on the bike was Kennedy, Abraham's son and Mary was chatting happily holding his hands. Kennedy was married and his family (wife Nancy and son Jason) had ?also come.


John basked in the glory and happiness of the family reunion and we come to the end of the story. John did not forget to remember, that if he had lost patience, and if he had called his daughter on the mobile and gave her a lashing, the result?


So sometimes having patience and trust in the LORD saves all the trouble.

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