John's Fear

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A child sees a horror movie and is terrified. We all have faced similar instances in our own life.

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



John was a 7-year vagabond and was the only child of his parents, Martin and Mary. Being the only son with two sisters and the apple child of his grandparents, John became arrogant.

One day, his family wanted to watch a "HORROR" movie on television and the family elders advised John not to watch the film.

John threw a fit and insisted on seeing the film. He raved, ranted and did not stop till his grandparents stepped in with the advice that he has to excuse himself from watching the movie if he showed signs of fear.

John agreed. He was enjoying himself till thirty minutes when the "DEVIL" stepped in. Now John closed his eyes but the first horror scene was a blood gore. John screamed and hid behind his grandparents. Seeing the child's expressions, the family elders switched off the television.

Now John was livid with fear. He could not go to the restroom alone, nor sleep alone etc.

His grandfather took him to the Church and he was given a 'Rosary' necklace.

"Now you should not fear," said the pastor ,"as you have the Lord for your protection."

"No, I have a new fear," lamented John. His grandparents and pastor were surprised.

John blurted out," I fear that I will lose the Rosary and the Devil will get me."

It took an hour and a half from the pastor to quell the doubts of John and from that day, his fear about the Devil waned off.

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