Crimson Cries

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Humanity loves this world more than they love, praise and honor God, the time is near.
God loves us all no matter how terrible or unforgiving we think our sin is, he wants to save everyone.

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



Dear Men & Women,


What has become of your crimson ribbon?

Have you forgotten your worth?

As you have strayed from the value that you were meant to bring forth,

By God you were created for only one,

By God you were saved by his only son

And against him you have sinned,

Against him I have sinned.


No one is pure,

And we grow short by every passing year.

All commandments have been broken,

Yet we have our excuses.

For we lust after all the worlds lovely woven omen’s,

until one day we stand in His court as He shakes his head and refuses.


Please keep in mind that you are not worthless

Don’t turn your head, don’t become faithless!

You are so uniquely manufactured,

Every thought

Every feeling

Every hair on your head,

You are perfect although you are fractured!


So hurry up!

Dust yourself off,

Pull yourself up,

Let the past slip off,

For you are sons and daughters of a King.

Stop and breathe...

Allow your heart to praise and sing!

Be strong & let worldly things seize.

For you are so precious,

You were wonderfully created; it’s been encoded into your very essence.


Remember that you are the wielders of your own fate,

With free will you were blessed.

So don’t be late for the eternal gate...

Great things await those who believe and invest.

© Copyright 2018 L.K. LilLoCksea. All rights reserved.

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