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Sometimes complicated relationship worth the struggle... changes never change

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016




All of sudden some random people gain more importance in our lives. From nowhere (Heaven) they come and make us feel incomplete without them. Our world spins around them. That’s the moment we believe our destiny of meeting the twin flame is done.

When we ask “Mirror Mirror who is the prettiest and happiest person in the world!!” It says “YOU”. First Phase of a relationship or Marriage is always a Sugar Candy.

What Happen to most of us latter!? “BETTER HALF BECOMES BITTER HALF”. Righteous things seemed to be wrong and different.

When your caring friend seeks the reason for your sober face, with no second thought we say “ HE or SHE changed a lot over the course of time” I wonder how, both have same reason for their loss of happiness!? Which means both changed or none realize one’s own change!!?

The answer for whether we changed or not will be mystery forever but the truth is our life changed. To be more philosophical it can be said as “We are puppets in the live show of life”

Complication arises with more expectations. All knew this damn phrase and yet can never stop expecting because we have that one valid reply which is really coated with more love “We can expect everything only from our better half”. We never realized that we deteriorating individuality when more of expectation relay on changing from one person to different personality. Good change or bad change it’s up to one’s own view.

Before we scan the mistakes of our life partner we should tame our thoughts. Don’t manifest for who you are not, still… learn to melt your barriers because after all they are “YOURS”.

Question yourself as what you expect and for the same person what you do!! Before you claim for what not happened on your terms, put yourself on other end of road and reason yourself.


Don’t hesitate to Argue. And don’t forget to find a happy ending. When we find so many ways to handle your BOSS where money plays a vital role more than career goals, why don’t we find a way to fix the bugs in our life system? Where the benefits stands for long run…

If you see someone more perfect who reflect the real twin souls then understand that magic never happened from day 1. Perfection comes with experience which bares more failures.

Do not over dose your love which is like a glass of wine, it may be therapeutic but more of it becomes detrimental.

If you think “ He or SHE changed “ It’s time to realize doing dating things is not preparation of marriage. Going out on dates tells you almost nothing about what the person will be like once you are married”. The person you married now has lots of responsibilities and they are newbie’s as every day is new day which awaits with more surprises which might be too much to bear.

The race to Alter is more of MARATHON than a SPRINT. Hence instead of resolving the quest of WHO changed and WHY!? Start accepting the changes and change yourself for A NEW CHANGE!! Wink

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