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If you were neglected, what would you do? If kids pick on you, what would you do? I know what I did, and I will tell you.

Submitted: August 09, 2016

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Submitted: August 09, 2016



I may be just thirteen looking for fourteen, but I am older on the streets of Sydney Australia. The drug cartel is nothing to play with, so I avoid those people. My friends and I run an underground bypass. We make money from scamming people, similar to you. "Let's go now. They might get into a blue!" Pete shouted. I looked up and saw two Hispanic males coming our way.

"Uh oh. Pete, Simon. Let's go, they're looking for a kill not a blue." So we ran out of the network. "Jason wait." I heard. Now that's a name I haven't been called for a while. My name is Colt and I am a convict. I paused for them to catch up, not wanting to look back. "Jase let's go to the hide out." I lead the way to the hide out, following the symbols in the woods. Pete put his hand up, in a fist, and we stopped. His face dropped," it's the po-po." We knew what to do. Kill or be killed, so I made a phone call to my mentor Kevin and his buddy Anthony. "The assassins are coming guys, man your battle stations." I called.

A short while later a bearded man and a scrawny dark haired teen came up to us. Both saw the same scene we were. "They caught your brother, Emmanuel." Kevin said, no hint of remorse there. I felt nothing either.

I laid out the sniper rifles, looking at each one like a pride of joy. " Are you done kid?" He asked. I nodded, laying on my stomach. I lined up my shot, waiting for the cue. "Light em up bub."

It was a gray sky that day, with red rain. That was the sad part, I killed twelve people to save one. My little brother stayed at my side, bodies of cops, Kevin, Anthony, and Pete were around us. "Hush little baby don't say a word, Jase will kill the whole damn word." I sung to him.

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