Cherokee Bodywork Massage

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Cherokee bodywork massage method

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Cherokee bodywork


people worldwide get sick each day,people get sick for the lack of human touch.

we have become the world where people think it bad to touch another person.touch

is the key to healing and is the only secret to unlock the medicine in our personal self.

wearing clothes is unnatural to humans, we were not born with clothes. every form of

sickness hides in are clothes that we wear. I often hear people say to me that they love the

nature  but they never really co-exist within nature .  the Cherokee Indians formed a healing

process using bodywork  that cures  many of today sickness,s . Massage today is to take 

part of this and a part of that and mix it all up. to get healing one must go to the root to use

a medicine one must use the root. the root is the seed of the root. knowing the history of

medicine is real medicine. most people are dying due  to their lifestyles . human are much

like plant families. unhappiness is the biggest cause of human deaths on mother earth  .




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