Life and Death

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Life is death's heart

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Life and Death. 

A single word yet has a lot of meaning.
For decades I've been waiting for him to take me. I was prepared.
But he didn't come. My life was a waste. I didn't bother to care for anyone 'cause I knew, any moment from now, death will come.
One day, I strolled to the park, to relax, to internalize and to rest. But a man caught my attention. He was wearing a plain blue shirt and shorts. He was standing beside the bridge. He looks tired and frustrated, and dead. I silently stared at him. then he went up and was about to jump when he saw me walking towards him. I didn't want to interrupt him and I don't even care if he wants to die, I just wanted to see him clearly. his eyes were red and dry, maybe due to who-knows-why-the-hell-did-he-cried, his lips were pale, scratches all over his neck, and scars on his arms and he was really pale and sick. We just stared at each other for a couple of minutes. Then he finally speaks, "I was looking for you for a thousand times... I got lost in this world of yours. I never thought that you will find me, and see me in this kind of situation. I wanted to go back." I was confused 'cause I don't really know what he was talking about. "Why did you cry?" I asked. "I was wandering here for almost a year. For an unknown reason. All I know before was that I died already. But then, I woke up. But no life, no heart, just like a dead who's still breathing. I live again to find my heart" 
"Your heart?" 
"Yes, my heart." then he held my hand and put it on his chest. His hands were cold as ice--like a dead. I didn't felt any heartbeat. Maybe he's right. 
"But where is it?"
"I don't know, I don't even know why I am still here. Why did I come back to life-- err sort of" he smiled, a little. Enough to for me to recognize him. He is....
"Yes..... I am death. The moment I saw you, All my memories came back."
I looked at his eyes, those pair of dark green eyes who pierces to my soul. I know him... Memories also came back.... We live in an orphanage and He is my best friend. He offered life to me. He is death, and I am life. He saved me.. from death. He offered me his heart so I can live. He died, I live. I was in a deep comma after my operation, while him.. he was resting in peace. I didn't remember anything after my operation. I felt guilty for what happened. A tear fell down on my cheeks, I've been so cruel to him. It was my fault.
He placed his hand on my cheeks and wiped my tears. "Silly.. why are you crying?" I didn't say any word. He was still gentle and caring. 
"You've been waiting for me right? now here I am. beside you." I didn't expect that death will come today. I was crying the whole time. It was really him. I hugged him tight and whispered... "Let's die together death." I am embracing death, with all my heart and soul. I've been waiting for him, for a very long time. And now here he is, taking me

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