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Five races lived in the world called Earth today, created by the God named unknown. These five races had no peace with each other, so they fought until the other was completely destroyed. The creator of this world woke up from his almost everlasting sleep. He was enraged when he found out about these barbaric actions these mortal creations had done to each other. Yet that he disliked these - according to scripture - unforgiving acts, he surely acknowledged their potential. He changed his mind from erasing them from this world. In forgiveness, he sealed the five races with five medieval God-forged weapons. Now, even today, these five mystical powerful races are still living in confinement. The only way to control their power, is to claim its weapon that sealed them into the dark sides of the earth. They are just there, waiting to be used by its new master…

2015: Two young boys called Leylan and Krotin went with their school class to an art exhibition. They have an ambition for breaking the rules, it opens new fun opportunities they say. Of course, as the little devils they are, according to them; being on a ‘rule breaking’ journey, is the most amazing adventure you could ever imagine! Leylan and Krotin are not interested in this boring art exhibition, so they went searching for a place grown-ups call ‘forbidden.’
Remember what I told you about the five races and the five weapons that sealed them? There is a way to unseal their power. That’s where they come in.

This fictional fantasy book contains drama, friendship, action, strategy, and comedy.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: August 10, 2016

The start of a great adventure. Read Chapter

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