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The start of a great adventure.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



 'Boys, do you mind picking up the pace? You will lose track of the group!'
Miss Peggy yelled. The two boys are looking at a painting, made by Fronquat vi Lazie.
One boy says in wonder 'This is the best detailed painting of the Claws Lord I’ve ever seen!' The other boy starts 'I totally agree! I’m going to take a picture of this.'
He grabs his smartphone and said 'Cheeeeese Claws Lord!' *FLASH* 'Oh so cool, you’ve got to send me that picture bro.' 'Yeah hang on...'
'Ahem.' The boys look behind them and see a bitter lady looking at them.
'Oh hey miss Peggy! Is there something wrong?'  Miss Peggy begins rumbling 'Leylan, Krotin, what did I tell you before we left school?' 'I know miss Peggy! Choose me, me, me miss!' Miss Peggy answers annoyed 'Sigh... Yes, Leylan?' 'Thanks miss! You asked us, which of the following equations are true for all positive values of x and y. Now, let me explain the formula...' 'No, no, Leylan. I’m not talking about math!' She says with her forefinger and thumb pressed on her face. 'What did I tell you about the rules of this museum before we left school?' Krotin looks like he finally found the answer. 'Oh yeah I remember.' 'Very good, little Krotin, can you repeat that for me then? Then with an E or than with an A?' 'Miss, you want me to answer your question, plus, say the answer to that stupid grammatical question? I don’t think I have time for that, I don’t give a fu.. ouch, ouch OUCH!' Miss Peggy pulls his ear and says in a soft and kind voice 'What did you want to say right there hm? You think that you’re tough hm, hm?' 'Alright miss, I’m sorry! Let go!' Krotin screamed. Miss Peggy pulls her hand back and says 'Apology accepted! Now get back to the group, and don’t try to get out of my sight, Understood?' Krotin looks angry, Leylan sees this, he grabs his arm and pulls him away from Miss Peggy. They swiftly walk to the group. Leylan feels Krotin trying to get loose of his grip.  'Krotin you need to relax. Why are you so angry?' Krotin calms down. 'She called me little and almost pulled the brains out of my head! I don’t believe she just did that, only because we made a picture that is against the rules. Rules have to be broken if we want to achieve something, don’t we?' Leylan grabs his phone and shows the picture to Krotin. 'And thanks to that, we still have the picture of our idol the Claws Lord!' Leylan is happy saying that. Krotin laughs 'Hahaha, you're right Leylan, it was worth it. Breaking the rules brings us the hidden enjoyment, locked up in this fun forsaken trip.'
 Good midday London!
This is Christian Light News, my name is Elizabeth Fox and this is fourteen hour o’clock news! *Intro music* This morning, at 8 p.m., a disaster happened in Japan southern region. Heavy earthquakes have broken many residential houses. Ten thousands of people have lost their homes, and some maybe even their loved ones.
It is estimated that over two thousand people are fatally injured and that five hundred people have lost their lives. The Japanese government has launched a full army support operation to save the remaining families that are in danger, right now!
More information about this disaster will be available in an hour at the fifteen hour o’clock news. May God bless them. But now we’ll go over to sports...
 This news report was heard over the radio, two museum security guards were hearing this. 'That is horrible!' Said the security guard with his hand over his mouth. Another security guard, laid down in his chair, says 'John relax dude. People die all the time. And five hundred dead isn’t even a big deal yo.
Now grab me that bag of chips.'
John claps his hands together and shouts 'How extraordinary! How is it possible that a homo-sapien...' 'I’m not a homo!' ' this stupid. You even lack sympathy for another human being, you sicko!'
The security guard laughs at his comment and says 'Dude, you’ve just called me a sicko, and you call, me, a homo? Hahaha! You is the one that is stupid bro.'
John facepalms. He begins talking in a lower sound voice 'Sigh.. Homo-sapien does not mean homo sexual, and ‘you is the one’ is wrong, it’s ‘you are the one’.'
*Knock knock*. Someone’s at the door.
John checks the security camera screen to see what’s knocking.
'Two children just knocked on the door.'
The laid down security guard shouts 'Send those brats away, rookie!'
'Let’s listen what they have to say first.' said John.
 He opens the door. Krotin is standing there with his arms crossed, looking uninterested. His red shirt, covered with a black jacket, makes him look rebellious and cool. His black hair and black eyes makes his appearance look perfect.
Leylan however wears a style that is the opposite. Instead of rebellious and cool, he looks gentle and ordered. Leylan looks fresh thanks to his white blouse. He has blue eyes and medium long blonde hair.
His appearance makes him look older than a 14 years old.
With a kind face, he smiles towards John.
The voice of the security guard behind John yells 'Send them away already!
And when you’re at it, bring me some candy, understood ya rookie?'
John sighs, steps outside and closes the door behind him.
He squats down and asks 'So what do you two fellas want?'
Krotin looks at John, angry already. 'You don’t have to crouch down for us, we aren’t little.' John smiles. 'Of course you’re not. I’m just tall.' He stands up and asks 'Did something happen? Are you kids lost?'
Leylan says enthusiastic 'Well sir uh...' 'Call me John' '...Well John, my name is Leylan Lionheart, my friend’s name is Krotin Swain. AKA brother from another mother. *fist bump* We came to visit the museum with our school class, but it’s pretty boring following them around.
So we want to get on a big adventure, we know that every museum has sacred forbidden artificial in their basement.
So we’re asking you, can we go there John?'
John has his thumb and forefinger rubbing on his chin, thinking.
Krotin sets his arms behind his head, instead of having it crossed before him.
He turns around, walks away and says 'Let’s go Ley, we’re going to do it anyway.'
John snaps his fingers 'I’ve decided, you get permission to look around, but you’ll have to walk with me.'
Krotin stops moving, turns around and breaths out with a long line 'Wuuaat?'
Leylan is also surprised. 'Well, this is disappointing.'
John looks confused. He scratches the back of his head and says 'What do you mean ,disappointing? I just gave you permission to enter, and by the way, if you’re disappointed about the fact that I have to go with you, then sorry, but you’ll have to live with that, Ley and Kro.'
Krotin sighs 'Already using smaller names, who are you, my aunty?'
Leylan corrects John with saying 'No John it’s not that. We wanted you to say no, so that there would be a rule. Now you said yes, there is no rule to break.'
John’s face looks a bit scared right now.
'I see how confused you are John, we just want to follow the footsteps of our idol. The mighty, one and only...' Leylan jumps '...Claws Lord!' Leylan yells it while he’s flying in the air.
John says 'Well I kind of understand your ambition, I mean, I was young too. But you’re missing something. I, myself, am a security guard.
I, myself, aren’t even allowed there, only the mayor and his butlers are. So that means...'
Krotin interrupts John by jumping in front of him. 'Let me handle this John!
So that means that we’re still breaking the rules, with the only difference, you, guiding us around.'
John claps his hands together, with a smile he says 'Hm, Krotini, you’re such a smart boy! You did that all by yourself?'
Krotin feeling proud giggles 'Ghi ghi ghi! You don’t have to tell me that, I know my talents. You can come with us if you stop naming me any different than; Krotin. Now, let’s go on an adventure!'
John grabs his keys out of his pocket. With a grin he whispers 'Follow me.'

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