The Long Jump

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There's so much sport on the tv, perhaps we should all join in! But then again, perhaps not.....

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



The Long Jump.


So much sport is everywhere


There must be something that we’d dare.


Me and Trudi, Sam and Joe;


We just want to have a go.


So much choice, hard to decide


But bike or horse we cannot ride.


We don’t have equipment or a kit


Sam and Joe say, “This is it.”


We’ll need some space, a bit of chalk;


We’ll pick some up, go for a walk.


The long jump! It’s a great idea.


All we need, some space that’s clear.


Here’s the line. Run up to it,


Then let fly and go with it!


Who gets the furthest, they will win,


The rest will cheer and make a din!”


Sam takes the chalk and makes a line;


Trudi runs, she’s doing fine.


Then her feet, they leave the ground,


Her landing hardly makes a sound.


I take the chalk and make a mark,


Hey, good jump!” I do remark.


Sam goes next, forgets to spring,


He’s always one to miss something.


He’s going back, he’s on the run,


His jump is good, so far he’s won.


My turn next to take the jump,


It’s the shortest; feelings slump.


Joe’s the last, he’ll be the best.


He is sure to beat the rest.


When he springs he’s in the air,


Going far – just isn’t fair.


But that landing, it’s not good.


His legs are like two planks of wood.


He hits the ground, forward tips,


Smacks the concrete, nose and lips.


We run to help him – so much mess,


It frightens me, I must confess.


We help him home to get him sorted,


The competition is aborted.


I don’t think sport is meant for me


Apart from watching on tv.

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