Don't judge

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Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



There has to be a line drawn between my world and yours,


They say there can’t be more, 

Please step away from the shore.


The mirror doesn’t lie.

Foolishness, my downfall or yours?

Can I  fault you when you find fault with me?

You can lie, you can doubt, you can shout it all out.


Do you believe in Jesus, God and a heaven above?

Are the Gods from a distant world frowning upon us now?

Is the pain worth it?

Christianity, faith ..belief

Are the teachings wrong?


Are we wrong?

 Is love wrong then?


Or do you call it by another word?

What's the difference ?


Don’t judge, lest ye’ be judged.

So the Bible says.

So tell me, why do so many sit in their rooms and houses

hiding their faces?


Judged and condemned 

women and men.

wronged by society

judged by beliefs 


 They too have  faith.

It's just us!

our ignorant human race

who says they do not have a place.


Their hearts to  grieve

Frightened of their  love

questioning themselves.

Scared to tell.

Living a life of utter hell.


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