Soul Of An Aborted Child

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A soul of an Aborted child cries with pain and questions its mother. Please stop aborting child dear women.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Hello my dear mom, 

I am your child, Whom you aborted from your womb.

I live in the hell, Since you threw your sin in your bin.

I still stare at you, Even you hated to have me with you.

I even love you, As you were also a child to your mom, at the time you even don't know who you were?

I have pity on you, Because you gave me shelter in your womb providing food and showing me a new world.

I even felt fear, When i knew it was you who burried me out without a single tear.

I searched more over, To know the reason for my suffer and came to know it was your lover.

I tried to cry, My eyes could not respect you in honour with water.

I tried to feel, My heart could not accept you as my mother.

I tried to recall, My mind could not help to memorize as you left no sweet memories with it.

I tried to kill myself, My soul could not make it real as you did not provide me a perfect life atleast.

I always pray to god, No woman could never try to abort a child once it got it's founder in his/her mother.

***** Do not abort a child, Once you dragged down into your world*****

***** Do not abort a child, Once you know it is a girl child*****

***** Think about your mother before aborting your child***** 

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