An Open Letter To The Man I Love

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An open letter to my boyfriend of four years.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



An Open Letter To The Man I Love


You entered my life right when I needed you. I was young, some may say too young to meet the man I will eventually marry, but they are wrong. You came into my life exactly when I needed you to. I had just lost a very important family member, and shortly after I met you, I went through the hardest thing that I will probably ever have to go through. You were there through it all.


We live together now. We fuss at each other sometimes, we don’t spend enough quality time together with our hectic work schedules, and sometimes we forget to kiss goodnight, but no matter what’s going on in our lives that makes it difficult, I will always love you. My heart belongs to you.


Time and time again, our love has been questioned by others, men have offered to steal me away, but none of them are good enough, because none of them are you. I love everything about you, every inch of your body, every aspect of your personality, you are perfect for me. No one else is exactly like you, and in every other man that may show interest, they are missing key aspects of what I want. Only you have everything I want and everything I need.


I couldn’t imagine my life without you, you’re my best friend, my partner in crime, my comedic relief, my shoulder to cry on. Many people have multiple close people in their life that provide these roles for them, but for me, it’s just you. You’re my everything. I care about a lot of people, my friends, my family. I don’t want to lose them either, but to be honest, I could manage without them. Without you, I don’t know what exactly I would do. Friends come and go, I’ve already gone through a few since we’ve been together. Even family fades in and out of your life. You’re the only person that I can trust to stay in my life.


You make the bad days better, the good days more enjoyable, and the best days even greater. You’re the first to hear bad news, and the first to hear good news.

You’re my person. And I’m so happy you are.

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An Open Letter To The Man I Love

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