A Selkie Explanation

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A bartender explains what a disbelieving man has seen.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



I entered the bar

It wasn't too far

From Mulligan's farm, where I was stay'n.

I had took a walk by the Glen

And saw women and men

Dancing naked, sing'n and play'n.


I was confused by the sight

And it didn't seem right,

I thought someone in the bar could explain

Why people would dance

Without any pants

And sing, as if insane.


The bartender said he knew

And would happy to tell me true

About those that dance in the glen.

If I bought a round

He would lay it all down

About the naked women and men.





In that Mystic Glen

Seldom seen by men

Is where Selkies go to play.

When they shed their skin

Then they're off to the Glen,

It's just a Fairy's blink away.


Singing and dancing,

Sometimes romancing,

In the wee hours of the day;

In those morning hours

When the dew's on flowers.

By the land they're lead astray.


Their human-like form

Is never their norm

Removing their sealskin, does the trick.

They will play on the land

For as long as they can,

Until the morning fog --- isn't so thick.


So if you're down by the Glen

And you see women and men

Dancing naked below the meadow,

They're just Selkies, un-skinned,

Just seals un-finned,

Or you've drank too much, Good Fellow.



D. Thurmond / JEF



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