Life, Again.

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"He needed her to feel his hurt--he needed her to feel the unresolved despair that gurgled up from the pit of his injured soul... He needed to be joined to her. To be whole once again."

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



At a whim, she placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed softly. And as if some trance had taken hold of him, Jordan slowly turned his attention to Cathryn. Her intense gaze sent his heart reeling. And before he knew it, he had taken hold of both her wrists and pinned her to the couch.

For a short while, she writhed underneath him then stiffened. In the brief moment that she had gone still, her indomitable spirit diminished and for a second, he saw remnants of his late wife reflected in her anxious face. Her soft smile… Her wide eyes… and the sleepy way they fluttered after she decided that she trusted him.

He softened his resolve and kissed her lips; then gently pressed his body ‘gainst her tiny frame. It wasn’t until then that he noticed how much she physically resembled LeAnne. She was so close to perfection, but she could never be her. Their spirits were too—distinct. LeAnne was gone, and nothing could bring her back.

Jordan’s heart grew heavy. He grew more and more vexed by the second. ‘What was he doing?’

“I can’t—”

“…Why can’t you?” Cathryn wriggled one arm free and pressed her palm against his cheek. “—Tell me.”

Jordan sighed softly. “I can’t… I—”

“Don’t you want to?” she asked.


“Then kiss me…”

Jordan hesitated, biting his bottom lip for only a moment. Then, he pressed his face into the side of Cathryn’s neck and inhaled deeply. She shivered when feeling his lips brush against her skin. She closed her eyes and leaned into him.

Jordan slowly folded her skirt back, caressing each leg as he hiked it higher and even higher until he could no longer hide his desire—his need to be joined to her. To be whole once again.

He gazed upon Cathryn’s face more intently.

“I—I can do this…” he thought. “I… need to do this.”

A soft twinge of worry momentarily crept across her beautiful face; then, it slowly transformed into something new once he press’t his lips against hers. He could no longer find the soft, quiet beauty of his wife. This was a bold woman. Brash and loud.

‘She’s not… her—’ he thought with each deep kiss. ‘She could never be—’

He pressed her wrists deeper into the couch and dazedly began to undress her. ‘How could she—?? How dare she masquerade as his beloved LeAnne?’

He needed her to feel his hurt—he needed her to feel the unresolved despair that gurgled up from the pit of his injured soul. ‘How dare she make him feel again?’

He slinked down between her knees and before he could share his pain, his agony, the gaping emptiness in his badly scarred soul, he collapsed into her chest. Hot tears spilled from his eyes and rolled down her ebony breast. And the boiling blood coursing through his veins dispersed.

“Did I—Did I do something…?” Cathryn asked. But, she received no answer.

Jordan pulled her near to him, unsuccessfully silencing his muffled sobs in her tender bosom.

Momentarily, Cathryn slowly reached up and stroked his coily, black hair. She pressed her firm fingers to his scalp and gently massaged his troubled head.

“It’s alright—” she said reassuringly, wrapping her slender arms around him. “It’s alright.”


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