i knew he was the one.

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Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Romance short story

I knew he was the one

I knew he was the one, the way he looked at me with his mesmerising eyes was unbearable. 
I knew he was the one, the way he touched me made feel butterflies in my stomach.
 I knew he was the one because when i pressed my head against his chest, the rhythm of his heart beat was the same as mine.
I knew he was the one because when we talk it felt right, for once i was open to share my life with someone. He made me feel different, when i was around him i felt safe, loved and for the first time i had positive energy surrounding me. Once he said to me "Its not only your looks that i love about you, even though your amazingly gorgeous, however, what i love about you is how you look out for people, not paying attention to anyones judgements about you and how your independent. Theres many more to say but there the 3 most things i truly love about you." When he said that my heart sank because no one has never said something so meaningful to me. That night he made me feel complete because i knew there was a gap in my heart that needed to be filled, which that night, he did.
Most of the times i was the one looking out for people but with him it was different because i knew he was looking out for me. This left me with no worries at all because for once i knew i had someone by my side. 
The way he looked at me from the side of his face and smiled with happiness, filled my heart with love and joy. At this moment i knew it was just me and him, nobody else. Whenever i was around him, i was my true self, he let me find who i truly was, in all honesty i never thought a guy would make me feel this type of way.

We was always in our world, not worrying about the outside world where the atmosphere is full of negativity. I tried everything to get away from the negativity surrounding me, but now i finally did and it feels so unreal. Im so grateful god bought him into my life, you wouldn't understand how much he means to me, I'm attached. I know nobody is perfect but i have to break that rule because in my eyes he is the most perfect one of a kind. I feel this way since i knew he was the one, my true love, my future and my only hope. 

By badra


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i knew he was the one.

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