Eye of the Tyger

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
As a shapeshifter stuck in the mortal world, Zacharia didn't think he'd ever meet another of his kind, until in his dreams he meets a tree dwelling shapeshifter named Meredith, his soul mate. The two, however, a worlds and time periods apart. With no way to reach her outside of his dreams, Zacharia faces a challenge unheard of for any shapeshifter, traveling through time and realms to reach the only person who can understand him and the life he lives.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Love doesn’t come easy, to anyone, especially not a shapeshifter, stuck in the realm of mortals. Even a normal life is impossible for someone who ages only a year to every human ten. But that’s never stopped Zacharia from trying to seem normal…


From his fourth story studio apartment, he could see everything on the west side of Manhattan, even the tiny Lore shop he owned, shut down for the next week due to the “sleep study” he needed to go for. One thing Zacharia hated more than his slow aging, were his bloodline’s mating periods. Twice a year, for an entire week, he was stuck in his truest form, a snow white tyger, with eyes gentler than the softest summer breeze; something he inherited from the mother he never met.

Continually clenching and unclenching his angular jaw, he waited for the sun to set to start his week of solitude, but as it did, nothing happened. He looked down at his still human body as the sun dipped behind the skyline.

“How is this possible?” He asked himself in disbelief, running his hands down his body, making sure it was his own. In all of the history of his people (at least what he’d been able to find) this had never happened.

“She is near,” a voice whispered from nowhere.

“She, she who?” Zacharia cried into his empty apartment, seeking an answer from the voice. “I’m losing my mind,” he thought to himself as he went to the fridge to grab a beer.

“She is near,” the voice whispered again, this time from behind him. When he turned around, however, nothing was there. He shook his head, taking a sip of his beer.

“I’ve got to be going insane,” he said quietly to himself as he walked to his room, falling onto the bed just to look at the ceiling. After what seemed like seconds he fell asleep, only to have the most vivid dream in the history of vivid dreams.


Standing in a forest, covered in a dense fog, Zacharia was in his natural form. And this wild cat could smell for miles, every animal, every small body of water, the two idiot teenaagers running through the woods, everything.

“She’s here,” he heard the voice, ringing loud in his ears.

“Where?” He thought, smelling the air for a scent similar to his own, or one that he would find familiar in some way. Nothing, there was nothing he hadn’t already smelled.

“Forward,” the voice commanded, to which he complied, swiftly walking forward. His tail swaying behind him as he tried to navigate through the fog, mostly using his sense of smell as his eyes.

“There..” the voice said, pushing him to an opening in a giant oak tree. The hole looked like it had grown that way naturally, but the fog made it hard to look at closely.

“Who’s there?” A frightened female voice called. The voice was tiny, meek, and barely audible, but it was there and it sent a spark through Zacharia that he’d never felt in his life. Is the tiny voice in the tree the reason he didn’t shift to his natural form? He had to know.

Walking forwards slowly, hesitantly, Zacharia began to enter the tree-cave. As he passed through the entrance, he transformed into his human form, somehow a forcefield of magic had been placed around the tree, allowing noone to enter or be within in their natural forms. This was very painful for him, simply because being forced from that state was something he’s never done to himself. The feeling was new and unwarranted.

“Hello?” His honey voice echoed through the tree-cave. Silence.

Walking a small amount further from the entrance, he smelled it. Her. He didn’t see her, but he knew the “she” that the voice was talking about was here. She smelled like roses, like the beach after a storm. A smell that would be engrained in his head forever.

“I know you’re here, I can smell you!” He yelled into the emptiness.

“I can smell you too.” He heard her say from behind him. Slowly turning to see where the voice had come from, Zacharia felt a tug on his foot. He’d stepped right into a root, catching his foot, falling backwards before he could turn around. He fell.

Shooting upright in his bed Zacharia breathed heavily, covered in sweat, his beer spilt on the floor. He looked at the clock beside his bed, the time read 3am. Sitting up, he wiped the sweat from his face, just sitting on the edge of his bed, thinking. He knew it was just a dream, but he could still smell the sweet scent of the woman from the tree-cave. He could still hear her meek voice in his head. He had to find her.

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