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Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



I’m walking on the empty streets

Dark clouds pressing below.

Barren, empty, just like my heart

My final goal that I don’t know.


The sky is crashing downwards

The world begins pressing in

I break into a long run

To somewhere I’ve never been


This world filled with depression

Who knows what to live for?

Life’s just repeated survival

Is there ever hope to more?


It’s the first time I can run

Almost as if wild and free

Change unknown and unsure

Doesn’t mean it’s bad to see


The street has come to an end

All I see is an endless drop

I don’t know what lies beneath

At least this life can stop.


Jump might be of chance and risk

But life sentence if I shrink

I would rather risk it, even if

It’s only joy at a blink.


One step, two steps, and a leap

I must take this rare chance!

Falling through the air and mist

My heart can finally dance


I’m falling. I’m falling down.

A ray of hope lights above

I’m falling. I’m falling down.

I’m falling… In love.

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