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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A love story between two young adults that go through the roughness of life.

Submitted: August 10, 2016

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Submitted: August 10, 2016



Hey, my name is Jack, and I am in love with a girl named Sydney. Sydney isn’t some ordinary girl who is popular and hot. NO! Sydney is popular and beautiful inside and out. I’ve known her since we were in 5th grade and she punched my arm and told me I was a wuss for not playing in the mud. We’ve been friends off and on since then, but my feelings have only grown over time. Every time I thought  I was finally over her she would call me and come hang out to play video games in our pjs. Every single time. Instantly her messy hair and makeup free face was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I could die now and see God himself and he wouldn’t compare. Her voice was like a shower after a long day. The stress of everything around me would melt away. Test I had to take, getting into a good school, my family, everything was washed away with just her voice. Not everything in her life was as smooth as her voice though. Her parents fought nearly all day. Mostly about money, sometimes about why they cheated on each other. So, when we are friends she is always over at my house. Unless she is at a party watching her drunk friends be stupid. She didn’t need to drink to have fun, although I don’t know how she doesn’t drink with her life. She was going to the top college in the state and needed good grades to get into her doctoring program. I on the other hand was going to the community college because it is cheap and I don’t know what I want to do for my major. But she always promised to keep in contact but we will see.


Five Years Left…

Graduation day! I love that our names our so close together that we got called two people apart. When we got up to the stage I said to her “Wow, they are letting everyone graduate this year huh?” She punched me and said “Speak for yourself ass hole.” and smiled. Damn that smile. I swear that smile is the purest thing on this earth. “Sydney K.” The announcer boomed over the microphone and she walked up and took her diploma and shook our principles hand. She turned and smiled to the crowd and her two parents fighting. She didn’t care she was going to college away from the fights, away from the drama, away from the almost always drunk friends. College was her place to bloom. “Jack K.” boomed the announcer.


Four and Half Years Left…

Last day of summer before all of the kids go off to college. Including Sydney. As I pack my backpack to get ready for my school starting next week I hear a knock on my door. I run over to it and open it to see Sydney. “TO THE ROOF!” She yelled not even saying hi or anything after very few conversations in the past week. She grabbed my hand and ran to the roof of my apartment. “What are we doing up here? We haven’t been up in years much less in summer.” “It is my last fucking day in this town I want to be like a child before I grow up! So, let’s get started.” she said as she sat in the old camp chairs we had up there, the green one was always hers. “Okay.. where do you want to start?” I sat down as well in my chair. “Who do you have a crush on Jack? I double dog dare you to tell me!!! You have never told me in all our years!” She said with a giggle and a little hit on my arm. Rubbing the back of my neck I say “I guess you will never know then!” “GAH! I double dog dared you. You have to tell me or I get to kick your nuts!” “Fine!! I may need to use those in college!” “HA! We’ll see. Anyway, tell me.” She put her head in her hands and watched me as I tried not to laugh and look her in those deep brown eyes. After about a minute of laughing and stalling I said “I have a crush on……. Susy.” Susy was her friend but not in her group of best friends. “OH REALLY?? HMM I MIGHT HAVE TO SET YOU UP I’LL CALL HER NOW” “NOOOO” She reached for her phone and I snatched it real quick and held it until she pouted and I gave it back. We went back and forth on truth and dare for hours until we saw the sunset. “Well, I’ve got to go Jack, I’m off to go be a doctor.” “Well text me okay?” “I’ll try, but you should be worried about texting Susy. I put her number in her phone while you were putting a chopstick in your nose.” “What?? I -” “BYE JACK!” She was gone before I could protest. So, I did send a text to Susy so I could maybe get Sydney off my mind. I got up to go back down to my room and I felt two perfect arms, I know weird thing to call perfect, wrap around me and I look up to see Sydney hugging me goodbye. I melted for her all over again.


Four Years Left…

Sydney is doing great at college of course. She is super smart. I on the other hand am barely passing and stuck between the choice of 3 different majors still. She has a whole new group of friends to watch be stupid drunk. Oh, another text from her. She is coming back for Christmas break and wants to hangout. FUCK YES. Her voice hasn’t hit me like cool breeze on a steaming hot day. Her eyes haven’t allowed me to see the tiny universes trapped in her eyes.


Four weeks later…

Christmas break is finally here but no word from Sydney. Not a single text, a single post on any social media. Nothing. What happened? I called Susy but she’s in the dark too. Her college friends I had added on social media say that she said she was leaving but when they left her car was still there. They tried to call but she didn’t answer. I think I know where she could be. I run to my car and hop in and drive off to our old hangout by the gas station where the older kids used to hang out until Sydney scared them off with a handful of fireworks and a cat. She wasn’t there. Fuck. Where could she be?! Is she still at college? What is going on with her. I got on the highway and speed all the way to her college thinking of every horrible thing that could be going on. Is it her parents? Did they divorce? Did she just not want to come back at all? Fuck Fuck Fuck… Finally I am here. Where is her dorm? Oh fuck is that her car? Oh god why is she still here? As I run up the stairs to her dorm I called her at least 5 times looking for her room. No answer. I frantically knocked on every door yelling her name. Finally I found a door with a little whiteboard sign on the outside with her name in that handwriting that she used to capture my heart in middle school while she passed notes to me. The door was unlocked and I opened it to see Sydney curled up on the floor. I have never seen a more happy person so knocked down. “S-S-Sydney?” “WHAT Do- Jack? What the hell are you doing here??” “You didn’t answer my calls and nobody knew where you were.. I got worried.. What is wrong?” I got on the floor with her. “Nothing. Can you drive me around a little?” This took me back. She never asked she always told me what we should do. “Uh yeah let’s go.. You can have the aux cord.” I got up. She didn’t. “Want me to help you up?” She pushed back as I reached my hand out and said in a voice I have never heard from her. “NO. Just. I got it.” She got up and followed me out. She wouldn’t walk next to me. She wasn’t Sydney. She wasn’t even the shell of her. She smelled like booze and her clothes and hair were crazy. Was she just hung over really bad? Or stressed? I don’t know but I’m gonna help. I opened her door and she backed away and said “Uh you get in first.” “O-Okay.” I got in and she finally closed the door and put her phone on the aux cord. “Any place you want to go?” “I got drunk.” “What? Really? Did you have fun?” “I was drugged.” “Fuck. I am so sorry.” I went to hug her, she backed up into the door and I backed off. “Do you want to talk about it?” “I don’t know.” “I’m here if you want to..” I started to drive around campus until I found the exit and got on the highway. She said nothing for hours as we drove around. I called my mom and told her I was out with friends and said I was staying at one of their houses. “So, how did your semester go at community college?” “Uh pretty good. How is-” I stopped myself and looked at the ground. “It was good.” We got a cheap motel and separate rooms. I said goodnight to her and she silently walked into her room. I stayed up late thinking of how to help in this situation. I came up with nothing. I fell asleep looking up how to help comfort someone in any situation. I woke up to Sydney knocking on my door at 3am. I opened it to her head down. Crying. I hugged her but her arms stayed at her side and she sat in the chair in my room. I sat on the floor next to her. “Jake… there was this guy I had been dating for a month.. We hadn’t had sex and...he drugged me..and… oh god..” “I’m here for you Sydney…” She started balling. I rubbed her back as she finally let it out. “He raped me, Jack. THE FUCKER..” she cried harder and louder. I hadn’t ever seen her cry. She broke her arm once in seventh grade and laughed. She had never been weak and now she was.. This is new to me. I held her tight all night until she fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of her leaving in her friend’s car.


Three Years Left…

After another year of school for both of us and therapy for Sydney we slowly started to fade again and hadn’t talking in a few months. She had gotten a new boyfriend she trusted and felt safe with. He made her happy and that’s what I cared about. As long as she was happy it made me happy kinda. She sent me a text saying she was coming home with her boyfriend so there was no need to worry this year. That made my break. I went to the traditional family christmas festivities and smiled along with the other fake people. But, I did have some last minute shopping to take care of so after dinner I went out downtown and passed Sydney walking along. I stopped and ask if she wanted a ride. She looked down and got in. I haven’t seen that look since last year. “What is wrong Syd?” “Just drive up here to the right and down the road.” “Okay, so how is the boyfriend?” She took off her hat and I saw her black eye. “SYDNEY WHAT HAPPENED??” I stopped the car and held her close. She pushed me off and said “I’m fine. I just fell down.” “Sydney… where are we going.” “Shut up.” “I’m just worried..” “YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME SO STOP.” “I’ve loved you since the first day you punched me and said I was a wuss for not going in the mud.” She looked out the window said “Stop here.” I pulled over and she got out and went into Planned Parenthood. I waiting for her to come out. Eventually she came out looked around and screamed. I ran over to her and held her. She pushed me off and screamed “GET OFF ME” “I just want to help you. That is all I’ve ever wanted.” “Well you can’t. My fucking boyfriend got me pregnant and beat me when I told him.” “I am so sorry come here” I held her and I still felt her arms by her side. “Let’s go to my place. We can go up on the roof.” “Okay.” We got in my car and I forgot to get those presents and went straight up to the roof of my apartment. We sat there in the cold for hours and she told me how he was nice until just recently. “He started to drink every night and when he did if I just said one wrong word I got hit. I guess when I told him I was pregnant he was drunk without me knowing and well.” She pointed to the black eye. “That was the last straw. We broke up after that.” “I’m so sorry Sydney.” “Yeah. So you’re in love with me huh?” “Yeah” I said with a little nervous laugh. “That’s why I never told you when you asked.” “Ah good times. Hey Imma go to bed do you mind if I sleep in your guest room.” “Yeah sure I’ll get it ready.” “Thanks Jack.”


A Few Weeks Later...

That is how we spent most every day that Christmas break just talking and slowly get her smile back. Her beautiful smile I haven’t seen in over a year. I miss it, but I will settle for just being with her and half a smile that could save the world. Sydney came out of the bathroom with her head down and her half smile gone. “What’s wrong?” “You remember when I asked for some money?” “Yeah why?” “I was pregnant. Not anymore.” I held her tight and her arms somewhat wrapped around me. “It’s going to get better from here I promise.” “Yeah, I’ll be going back to school and then I will be fine with all my studying.” Just then her phone rang with her mom calling. “I’ll be right back.” “Okay I hope it goes good” “Me too.” I laid down on me bed and thought of how maybe this time we could talk all day and night all semester even if she feels bad I would want to help her. I could drive down and hold her if needed. “FUCK” Sydney yelled from her room and I ran over as quick as I could and saw her hitting the bed grunting. “Sydney what is happening?” She got her composure. “My dad died in a car accident.” Fuck. “Fuck I am so sorry.” “Don’t be. I just need to help my mom with everything. I’ll be back in a few days.” “If you need me call okay?” “Yeah.”


A Few Days Later…

We stood by each other at his funeral and I held her as she watched with no expression on her face as they lowed her dad into the ground. Everyone else was crying but Sydney. She had a thousand yard stare. She didn’t move from her spot until everyone had left. It was just her and me. “You want to do it now?” “Yeah.” She pulled out a little piece of paper and confessed to her late father everything she hadn’t told him with tears running over her cheeks. Those cheeks used to blush but now they only have tears covering them. She threw her paper at it and spit on it. We walked back to my car and she sat in her seat and said “Take me home. I need to get to school.” “Okay.”


Two and Half Years Left…

Sydney is coming home for summer and she seems to be slowly getting more happy. She was even glad when I told her I was going to her school next semester. She knocked on my door with a rat tat tat. I ran and opened it up to be blown away. Her smile was huge and her hair was messy with no makeup. I was taking back to the times where she would come over and play videogames with me. “HI DUDE.” “SYDNEY!” “LET’S PLAY SOME GAMES!” “OKAY” We sat on the sofa and got it all setup and started with the small talk and trash talk. Then after a few hours she turned to me and said “Jack do you still love me?” “Uh I wasn’t expecting that question after we just talked about armpits, but yeah why?” “Good, cause I want to ask you something?” “Yeah?” “Will you go on a date with me?” “Yes!” “Wow you are eager.” “Well I have waited 15 plus years.” “Alright well the date starts now.” “Really? We are in pjs. How about we start tomorrow night.” “Fine. But it better be good.” She smiled. GOD that smile was the best.”


The Next Day..

I woke up and got everything together for me to wear and set the table for our date. She walked out of her bedroom and saw what I was doing and said “Woah fancy. Candles and wine?” “Well I have to go all out for you.” “Oh yeah? Why?” “I’ll tell you tonight.” So after hours of fixing up plans and the setting the stuff for everything. Wait why did she just ask now. Why after all these years ask now? I’m not going to ask in case it messes everything up. After hours of making everything perfect I was ready so I grabbed Sydney out of her room to bring her to the dining room. She gasped and said “Jack.. Nobody has ever done this for me..” “This is just dinner Sydney.” We ate dinner to her favorite music with candles all around us as we talked and laughed. I haven’t missed someone’s laugh before. I was nervous and excited because I have waited years upon years for this night. It was finally coming true. All of my hopes and dreams. Her beautiful face and soul on a date with me. After dinner I grabbed her hand and we got in my car and went around to all of her favorite spots. The one where she scared the older kids with some fireworks and a cat. The one where she and I made a little fort out of sticks we found near school, we would gather them after school and slowly built up the fort over the school year. Then finally a favorite of everyone in town. The local house of trampoline. It is just a giant room with a giant trampoline and pits of cushions. We jumped and laughed for hours as we pushed each other into pits. We stayed until they closed and went home to watch tv and cuddle. “I had a really good time Jack.” “I’m glad! I’ve planned this since we were 12 so.” “Oh my, well you outdid yourself.” We sat there and until she fell asleep. I carried her to her bed and tucked her in and went to my bed. Dates, kissing, and just being happy is how we spent most of summer. Most.


The Last Day Of Summer…

Ever since we started dating Sydney’s life has only gotten better. Her mom got a new boyfriend who she was very happy with. She got all As on all of her test for the last semester. She got an internship with a doctor’s office. Me on the other hand slowly lost control of my life. It started with losing my wallet. I had to get my license again, fix all my bank cards, etc. From then on it only got worse. I lost my job, and in turn lost my apartment and had to move back in with my mom. Luckily I got another job with a little less pay and am still going to the same school as Sydney. Why is my mom calling at 9 at night? Fuck. It isn’t my mom...FUCK fuck Fuck. No no no.. This can’t be happening. “Sydney.. Can you come here real quick..” “Yeah what’s wrong Jack.” She hit my arm and then saw my face.  “My mom and dad died..” “Oh fuck.. I’m here Jack.” She hugged me tight. I hugged her back. I cried until she finally let go and took my hand. “Let’s go for a walk Jack.” “Okay.” She took me around town to all of the places we used to go when we were kids. It was a long walk. At the end she kissed me and laid in bed with me until we fell asleep together. A few days later we had my mom and dad’s funeral. They were buried together like they always wanted to be. Sydney whispered to me “They are together in the afterlife.” “Yeah.” We hugged tight as the service went on. We got up and left in her car. I held her hand as she drove and kissed it. “Thank you for helping me out..” “You did the same to me, it is the least I could do.” We fell asleep on our bed that night. Even though this was a tough time in my life her smile and soul could still heal my wounds.


Two Years Left…

Well, after a crazy rough semester for me it’s finally time to go home for christmas break. Sydney said we can stay at her mom’s since I wasn’t able to afford the apartment my parent’s owned. We got in at 8 that night and I put everything away after saying hello to her mom and hugging her and her boyfriend. Once we got all settled in we all had dinner around the tv while Sydney held my hand. Even that simple act made the pain of all the late nights studying and getting a C on that test, all the bull shit with money, my parents death. It all went away. That’s when I heard a car start. I got up and looked outside and it was my car. “What the-” I swung open the door and ran out and my car was gone. “Honey, what’s going on??” “Someone just took my fucking car. I mean. My car” “I’ll call the cops.” “My car had my phone and wallet in it too. God damn it.” I came back in and sat on the sofa as Sydney held me and was talking to the cops. My life all went down from here...After that night I fell down the stairs and broke my arm and stayed sad. I’ve always had periods of sadness, but this was new. Every second was sadness for me. The only thing that got me through the day was seeing Sydney at the end of the night. She continued at her internship and was getting lots of praise from the people there. I lost my job and had no money to pay for any of the dates we went on. I was running on financial aid. When It was time to go back to school I had nothing but my clothes with no cell phone. Sydney drove me back up to school and we got all settled into our new dorms for the semester. That’s when I got a call on my dorm phone from Sydney. “How did you already get this number??” “Well, that’s my old dorm soooo. Anyway. You got a call from some computer job? Want me to give you the number so you can call?” “Yeah that’ll be nice.” “You got it this time babe.” I could hear her smiling on her side of the phone and that filled me with a little ounce of hope.” I had tried to get a job at so many different places related to my computer science major but no luck. I picked up the phone and called and did my phone interview. After about 20 minutes they said they would love to have an in person interview. We set a date and he hung up and I put the phone down and instantly called Sydney and said “Well. They said I got an interview.” “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING THAT'S AMAZING.” “I know right!!!!” “I'm coming over right now!!” She ran over her opened my cracked door and jumped on me and kissed me all over my face. “I'm so proud of you honey.” “Thanks baby. I'm just glad to have a job.” “I'm glad to have you.” “So am I.”


A few weeks later…

Sydney straightened my tie and kissed me and said “You look so good in your suit.” “Sorry you had to pay for it.” I said rubbing my neck. “Shh. You're fine.” “You're so great baby.” “Now, we just had sex so I know you don't mean that.” “I do. I've waited years for you. And I couldn't be happier no matter what happens in my life.” “I know this has been rough year but, you'll get through it.” she smiled and patted my butt and sent me into the building to go do my interview. After I got done answering his questions and everything I was asked to step out and I waited outside as they decided. This day would be much better if I didn't know my best friend just got cancer. But, if I get this I can help him out and pay Sydney back for everything. “Sir, could you come back in?” “Yeah sure.” I walked in and sat down. “How would you like to work here Jack?” “I would love it sir!” Finally, something good. After I got out I ran out and got in the car and yelled “I got it!!” “You did?? Oh Jack I'm so happy for you!!” We kissed and held each other close.


A Year Left…

After working for almost a year at my job I barely had time for college, Sydney, and my job. But, I've made it work with Sydney and she's very happy. I'm sad but making it through. I just got an opportunity to travel to Hawaii for work once I graduate so I'm taking it. Sydney is going full time at her job after she graduates this year. I'm so proud of her and she's proud of me. I just have one more thing to do before we grow up. “Hey Sydney I need to take you somewhere really quick.” “Okay..” I took her hand and lead her to the roof with camping chairs on it. “Its just like my old roof we used to spend all those days and nights on as kids.” “It is… Jack it's perfect..” “You are perfect.” I smiled and had her sit in the green chair like she used to. I sat in my chair next to her. I kissed her and said “Look.” “Wh-” the fireworks I paid for started to go off and Sydney said “Jack you did thi-” I got down on one knee and opened up the ring I spent all the money I've gotten from my job on. “Will you make me the happiest guy ever Sydney and take my hand in marriage?” “Jack! Yes!! Yes yes yes yes!!” I got up and kissed her as fireworks went off in the background and in my heart. It finally happened. After half my life planning our life together it's finally coming true. The love of my life is engaged to me. My life is looking up.


A Few Days Left…

After a year of being engaged we had our wedding planned the week after I got back from this vacation to Hawaii. But, not all sunshine and rainbows. My best friends been in chemo for a few months and it doesn't look good. My job has only gotten rougher. While Sydney gets promotion after promotion I've had the same job and a tougher boss. But, my depression is diagnosed and I have pills to help. But Sydney still loves me. So. It's not all bad. “Jack. We've talked about having kids, but we never said when we should start trying.” “How about on the honeymoon?” She hit my arm and said “Okay big shot. Be ready to start changing diapers in like a year or so. Also, don't forget your pills for your trip.” “I’ve been ready for years to change diapers with you. And I won't forget.” I packed my clothes in and I heard “Jack dinner is here!” I ran off to sit with Sydney and eat dinner one last time before my trip. After we finished the dinner I packed my stuff and kissed her and she patted my butt and said “Call me while you're there.” “I will I got my phone.” “I love you Jack.” “I love you too Sydney.” She smiled. I will never get tired of her smile.


One Day Left…

After getting in and settling in I called Sydney so she could sleep and went to bed myself. Before I closed my eyes I remembered I had to take my pills. I dumped out my bag but nothing was there. Fuck. Tomorrow is going to be awful I forgot my pills last week and my depression hit me hard. Hopefully I'll find them in the morning. I flopped on the bed and woke up to my alarm. Fuck it's so early. I got dressed and ready for work and still couldn't find my pills. I called Sydney to tell her good morning and asked if my pills were still there. “Uh, yeah you left them here Jack. You gonna be okay babe?” “Yeah it hasn't hit me yet. So. I'll be fine. I gotta go. I love you babe.” “I love you too sweetheart” I went off to work. I feel okay.. Fuck who's texting me? Oh its a call. “Hello? Really?? Thank God. Okay. Thanks for calling man. I'll call you at a better time.” My best friend is fine… his chemotherapy worked and the cancer is gone for now.. This is a great day. I got into the meeting and sat down and did my work. After the meeting was out I called Sydney. She answered and said “Jack.. My mom just got dumped by her boyfriend..” “Honey.. I'm so sorry..” “Yeah. I'll call you back when I'm home” “Okay, I love you babe.” “I love you too.” what is going on? When we are apart she had major problems, and my life is great.. But when we are together everything goes to shit for me and is great for her.. Something is going on.. After I got back to my hotel room I got a call from Sydney. “Hey.” Her smile wasn't there in her voice. “You okay love?” “Yeah just a long day” “I'm sorry babe. Hey, I gotta ask you something.” “Go for it.” “Why did you wait until when you did to go on a date with me?” “Well, its weird. But. I've always liked you as a friend. But I was all swept up in my own thing. After everything that happened to me you were the only one there for me. You were always there. Then I figured out I had loved you until I went to college. When I went away from you my life went to shit. But when I'm with you everything goes much better.” “I love you babe, I'm glad we are together. I'm glad I can help.” “So am I. I love you too. I just hope you get back soon.” “Same.” We talked for hours. And she finally fell asleep. I hung up and got up and went to the bar. I sat there and thought about everything. Why is this going on. Why is everything good happening to me while I'm away. And everything bad happening to her while I'm gone. Is this really up to me? Is it really up to me to chose between my life being shit and hers? Why. Her happiness or mine. Do I want to live my life with it falling apart as hers builds up? Of course. I love her. I have to stay.. I waited for years for her. I can remember every time she smiled. I'll just keep my life falling apart a secret to her so she will never feel sad for even a minute. I will take every ounce of her pain on myself. I don't care if I my life is barely holding on. As long as she is happy.. I go back in a day. We will get married and every single awful thing that happens to me will be for her. Every family member to die is for her. Every close friend that dies will be for her. Every job I lose will be for her. My life will be a sacrifice for her as it always has been. When we were kids I remember she was getting bullied so, I tripped in front of those kids so she wasn't getting picked on. My life will be nothing but me tripping and hurting myself for her happiness. I don't care how long we live. Or how bad it gets. I was there for her when she was raped. I was there for her when her dad died. I can be there for her when my life goes to shit. I will never leave. This is my wife. And my life is a sacrifice for her life. I remember when we were dating and I would give her my blankets from my dorm so she wouldn't be cold. I got the cold so many times. I can't even count. But, she was happy. I won't. But she will. I love you Sydney. I finally got you. I will not let you go.


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