Falling Desire

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Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



 The sun shines for no reason
at all,
accept to see the people fall.

 There's nothing in this world
that I truly desire,
my hope for passing the finish
line is brighter than fire,
I'm fucking insane
living with the pain. 

 When the darkness arrives
I look into the sky
and smile like sunshine,
it makes me feel just fine.

 The sun shines like nettle
disguised as jasmines,
when I shut my eyes 
and see your angel eyes
it's like waking up in the dark
lying in the warm cosy sand of a desert 
with a thousand stars shining 
in the dark blue sky.

 I like to picture myself jumping
off the high cliffs of the Arizonian 
letting the warm summer breeze
brush against my fragile face,
surfacing adrenaline slither 
through my veins,
feeling like a piece of snow 
white lace.

 Nothing makes my spine quiver
I'm eaten to the core.

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